5 Renovated RVs That Will Have You Packing Your Bags

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 04:34 pm. Originally published on May 3rd, 2021

Stock RV interiors are fine. They’re perfectly functional, and these days they tend to be pretty plain, meaning they aren’t likely to offend anyone. One could easily have a super fun RV getaway in a rig with the wallpaper and furniture that came from the factory. We know we wouldn’t complain about such a trip!

All that said, there’s something extra fun about heading out on the open road in a completely renovated RV. Trailers and motorhomes that have been remodeled have a fresh feel to them and have an extra bit of personality that many RVs are lacking. They can take an already fun trip and make it that much more exciting and comfortable by making you feel right at home in your tiny home-on-wheels. 

If you own an RV of your own, you can do a simple remodel to enjoy these benefits. However, those relying on rental RVs will need to do a bit of work to seek out renovated RVs. 

If you fit into that second category, you’re in luck! Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite renovated RVs on RVshare. This means you can spend less time looking for the perfect renovated vacation home and more time enjoying it. 

#1. Rhubarb the Renovated Keystone Outback

Cozy trailer living area with green couch

Let’s start with Miss Rhubarb. This Keystone Outback Trailer was once used as a full-time residence while her owners roamed the country. Because of this, you can bet every single detail has been thought of, and the space is full of cool RV ideas for those looking for inspiration. 

We love the handbuilt desk that lives in the back of the RV, making it easy to get work done on the road. The fun green couch adds color and comfort to the living area, the potted plant makes the RV feel more alive, and the avocado wallpaper in the bathroom adds fun character to the space. 

Remodeled RV bathroom

Some cool RV modifications added to the trailer include a record player and a nice selection of records and a projector for watching movies. This rig also includes a charcoal grill for evening cookouts. 

The location of this trailer is ideal for a trip into the wilderness offered by the gorgeous national forests in the area. 

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#2. 2019 Remodeled Camper

Remodeled trailer kitchen and dining room

Anyone looking for a teeny tiny rental RV should check out this fully remodeled 2019 Coleman trailer. Despite its small size, this trailer is super comfortable, incredibly adorable, and one of our favorite renovated RVs yet.

The space has been painted bright white to open things up and help them feel more light and airy. A backsplash was added behind the kitchen to give it a more residential feel, and patterned wallpaper in the bathroom adds some fun to the rig. We love the blue shiplap on the dinette, which provides the perfect pop of color.

RV queen murphy bed

Some things renters love about this trailer are the automatic awning with LED lights, the Murphy bed that folds into a couch during the day, and the Bluetooth speakers for playing their favorite tunes. 

Because this RV is located in Asheville, NC, it is the perfect rig to take on a trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway or even into the Smoky Mountains!

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#3. Farmhouse on Wheels – 2013 Prime Time RV

Painted and remodeled RV living area

A beautiful farmhouse-style home on wheels, this 2013 Prime Time trailer is an absolutely perfect pick for families looking to camp in style. The family designed the trailer for themselves to use on their property, so you know they put a lot of thought into it. They came up with some really great RV renovation ideas!

We absolutely adore the white walls and how they contrast with the bright blue cabinetry in the kitchen and the colorful curtains, storage cubes, and pillows throughout the rig. New tilework in the kitchen and bathroom give a clean, modern look. Meanwhile, the adorable, barn-style door separating the master bedroom from the rest of the RV is the perfect touch. Other gorgeous additions include a new light fixture, a new bathroom sink, and a new kitchen sink faucet. 

Adorable RV bunkroom

The RV comes equipped with a generator, which renters are welcome to use for up to 4 hours per day. This means you can camp in comfort no matter where you roam. 

Navarre, OH is where this trailer lives. It’s a great location for trips into Akron or Cleveland. However, many prefer to stay in the rural parts of the state to enjoy nature. 

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#4. Evergreen – Thor Chateau

Redone class C motorhome interior

Looking for renovated RVs that are drivable? Evergreen the Thor Chateau might be the perfect fit. This adorable 32-foot Class C RV might be 14 years old, but thanks to a recent renovation, she sure doesn’t look it. 

The white walls and cabinetry give a lovely modern look to the space. Meanwhile, the leaf wallpaper that adorns a single wall adds just the right amount of pattern to break things up. We love the black countertops in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as the stainless steel sinks in both spaces. The lovely faux wood flooring pulls it all together, making the space feel cozy. 

Class C cab over bunk

Some special features of this RV include an iPod docking station, touchscreen radio system, Roku smart TV, family games, a rear vision camera, and a generator.

Evergreen is located in Madison, AL. This is a great rig for visiting Decatur or spending time in the natural areas of Alabama. It’s also great for taking a road trip through the southern states. 

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#5. Renovated 2013 Forest River Wildwood – BOHO Chic

Cute remodeled RV living space

Last on our list of wonderful renovated RVs is a gorgeous BOHO Chic 2013 Forest River Wildwood Trailer. This RV truly feels like a home away from home, and since it has three bunks, it’s perfect for families with kids!

The whole space is painted a lovely off-white color and brightened up with plenty of lovely BOHO decor. This includes faux plants, wall art, and colorful pillows. You’re sure to love the unique backsplash in the kitchen as well as the beautiful butcher block countertop. The bright, flowery wallpaper in the bathroom is the perfect contrast to the white walls. Additioanlly, the brass-colored faucets in both sinks add a nice shine. 

Renovated travel trailer kitchen

Some fun features of this RV include book racks in the kids’ bunks, movies and family games, and toys. A dog bed and necessities are also available, as is a full bathtub. 

Perhaps best of all, this RV is located in Jacksonville, FL. This makes it the perfect rig for checking out Florida’s beaches (and a great rental in general, no matter the time of year). 

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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