Our Top 15 Camping Tips and Tricks

Even if you’re an expert camper who’s been at it for years, there are always cool new tips and tricks to learn for making your camping trip even better.

Here are 15 of our favorite tips for camping from around the web, some of which we simply can’t believe we didn’t come up with first!


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1. Hang your shower products from the curtain rod to keep them from tipping over while you’re under way.

Image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

We love this super-simple idea from Better Homes and Gardens (number 2 on the list) — and it doesn’t look too hard to get set up, either! As a bonus, it works to keep things nice and organized once you’ve set up camp, too. No more awkward bending over to reach the shampoo that fell to the floor of your tiny trailer shower!

2. Hack your staircase.

Image courtesy of rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com

This one takes a little bit more handy(wo)man skill and technical know-how, but what a great idea. B.K. Gore of RV Boondocking needed some extra space to store the food for his two (gorgeous) Australian shepherds, Buck and Lily. So he transformed his camper’s staircase into a hidden cabinet! See the full details and step-by-step process here.


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3. Keep your camper cabinets organized and spill-free with closet organizer racks.

Image courtesy of The Family Handyman

It’s basically a foregone conclusion that, no matter how well you might have organized your food before you set off for your next destination, it’s going to be a total wreck when you open your cabinet at your next camping site. Right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. This idea from The Family Handyman is absolutely perfect for RV food storage, and it’s cheap and easy to install to boot!

4. Keep your cups stacked in transit with elastic bands.

Image courtesy of loveyourrv.com

Sick of finding his cups scattered upon arrival, this RVer figured out how to keep them secure using nothing more than a milk crate and some rubber bands.

5. And don’t forget the fridge, either!

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you’re only driving a short distance between destinations, you might be leaving some food in your fridge while moving. And nothing makes for a worse welcome to your new campsite than cleaning up a gallon of spilled milk.

But luckily, there exists an item whose sole purpose is to keep this from happening to you. They’re called, inventively, fridge braces — and they’re less than $5 each. No brainer!

6. Never forget about your extended stairs (or sewer hose, or antenna) again with these clever reminders.

Image courtesy of RVMinders.com

Remember those slap bracelets from the 1990s? Don’t play coy; you know you do.

Well, some clever camper rebranded them into RVminders, which keep you from ever (again) driving off without doing a complete walkaround of your rig. The small investment is totally worth not dragging your sewer hose down the street, in our opinion!

7. Retrofit your own PVC pipe toothbrush holders.

Image courtesy of Crafting in the Rain

Not sure what to do with your family’s set of toothbrushes while you’re on the road, and not exactly keen on letting them roll around in the cabinet?

This brilliant hack by Crafting in the Rain is perfect for RVers, and you don’t have to be very technically inclined to do it.

8. Keep food cool in transit without using your refrigerator.

Image courtesy of loveyourrv.com

Although some RVers feel comfortable and safe running their camper refrigerator on LP gas while driving, others prefer to skip the risk. But not having a cool fridge can become a hassle if you want to do your grocery shopping before you arrive at your destination, or if you’re already on your trip and between two stopping spots of a considerable distance.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this problem — or a couple of them, actually! Love Your RV suggests using regular freezer chillers to keep your cooler or actual refrigerator chilled down, but you could also simply use frozen water bottles. Plus, you’ll have nice, cold drinking water ready for after you’ve set up camp!

9. Keep your propane tank secure when taking it for a fill-up with a milk crate.

Image courtesy of loveyourrv.com

Another Love Your RV suggestion, these campers came up with a brilliant solution to the problem of an empty propane tank rolling around in the back of a truck. As it turns out, a 30-pound LP gas tank fits quite neatly into a standard milk crate, which keeps it upright for the ride and is easily tied down.

10. Out of sterno? Make your own portable fire source with a leftover Altoids tin.

Image courtesy of instructables.com

Whether you use it to keep food warm or start a roaring fire, sterno is a camping classic. But if you regularly munch on Altoids and have some spare cardboard lying around, give this DIY version from Instructables a try.

11. Spice it up by putting fresh herbs directly on your coal fire instead of in a marinade.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Cooking over a coal pit? Placing fresh herbs directly on the coals themselves rather than on the meat will imbue a well-saturated and smoky flavor. It’s also less messy than dealing with a sticky sauce. Martha Stewart shows us how here.

12. Skip the laundromat: build your own washing machine instead. (It’s easy!)

Image courtesy of Refashionista

This genius hack comes from Refashionista, who put together her very own portable washer with just $6 — and a heap of creativity, of course.

13. Have breakfast ready to go on the fly with pre-made, jarred ingredients.

It’s your vacation, too — even if you have to feed multiple hungry mouths immediately upon waking.

So give yourself a break by making staple ingredients ahead of time. You can whip up a batch of scrambled eggs ahead of time (just store them in the fridge in a pourable container), or make your own homemade pancake mix — just add eggs and water, and give it a shake!

14. Increase your storage space by storing shoes around your bed frame.

Image courtesy of doityourselfrv.com

Yes, you read that right. Check out this tutorial from Motorhome.com, which will help you install shoe keepers around the foot of your RV bed. You could also use those spare pockets to store other goods, like toiletries!

15. Build your own child-sized cot to increase your sleeping capacity by one.

Image courtesy of The Samba user bac914

We love this genius DIY project by Samba forum user bac914 — and all it took was some PVC pipe and fabric!

What cool camping ideas, tips, tricks, and hacks have you come up with?


As seen on CNN, New York Times, and CNBC: Find out how much money you can make renting your RV Click Here

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