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Kauai, often called the “Garden Isle”, is also known for it’s cascading waterfalls and dramatic beauty. You can see many of the Kauai waterfalls from your car, but if you are up for a little hiking, you’ll find quite a few. Many of the best Kauai waterfalls are in remote areas of the island and can only be seen by helicopter tour. Whether you opt for the helicopter tour or your own two feet, you’ll find dramatic views and plenty to do.

RV camping in Hawaii is different from the continental US. There are no official RV Parks in Hawaii, but camping is allowed in county and state parks with a camping permit on everyday except Thursday, unless otherwise posted. Some campgrounds and resorts also accommodate RVs. You probably won’t find any hook-ups, but you’ll enjoy spectacular scenery, nice weather, and a wide variety of outdoor recreation.

Black Pot Beach Park

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A great place to enjoy the beach and friends, Black Pot Beach Park fills up on the weekends with local families. They camp, picnic, barbecue. You can enjoy scenic views of the Halei rivermouth, the beach, pier, and Kauai waterfall lined mountains. Rent a surfboard or take a stand-up paddle board up the Halei River when the water is rough. Camping is available on weekends only and you’ll need a camping permit.

Why You’ll Love Black Pot Beach Park

You’ll enjoy great surfing, including a beginners area on the west side of the pier where the waves are gentle during most of the summer. Access is easy, you can drive right up to the beach. Sunset are spectacular here and the Kauai waterfalls and mountains in the background make it even more dramatic. The kids will love the beach and playing in the water’s edge.

What People Are Saying About Black Pot Beach Park

“We were told Black Pot Beach is the place to go in Halei Bay. Unfortutely (or fortutely?) it was 4th of July weekend, so the bay was packed with everyone on Kauai. Despite the crowds we enjoyed the main beach at night to watch the fireworks. Unlike other beaches on the island, here you have all the modern conveniences if you are looking for them – bathhouses, volleyball nets, kayak rentals, etc. It was fun, but not as relaxing as the other beaches.” – Rob, Trip Advisor

The Lodge at Kokee in Waimea

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The Lodge is located near Waimea Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. There are no RV parking places, but there is a level area with large spaces that easily accommodate an RV. You won’t have any hook-ups, but the retail store, bar, and restaurant is open daily. You’ll have mountain views with Kauai waterfalls in the background

Why You’ll Love The Lodge at Kokee in Waimea

For walking or hiking, you can’t beat the miles of hiking trails located nearby. Enjoy a little birdwatching or wildlife photography. There is plenty to do in the immediate area.

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Ha’ena Beach Park

Who could resist the intersection of sandy white beaches, turquoise blue water, and lush tropical jungles? Haena Beach Park has lifeguards, restrooms, showers and campsites. Have fun exploring the beach and the Maniniholo dry cave across the street. Kauai waterfalls are inland from the beaches. in the mountains.

Why You’ll Love Ha’ena Beach Park

This is a spectacular beach with good swimming and snorkeling when the surf is calm. Expect extremely large surf during the winter months, along with great beach- combing and shell collecting.

What People Are Saying About Ha’ena Beach Park

“Most beautiful beach in Kauai reminiscent of Big Beach on Maui. Worth the drive and such a nice cove. You can walk pretty far or have a picnic and it’s not crowded. Directly across from the beach inland our massive caves which are fun to walk. Bring fluids and sunscreen!” – Jason M, TripAdvisor

Anini Beach Park

This is a large park with many amenities. Sink your feet into the fine grain sand or claim a shady spot to sit back and relax. The water is clear and shallow with a gentle current, a perfect place for children. Swim, snorkel, fish, or enjoy the clubhouse. This is a great place to stay on the beach after a long day inland viewing the Kauai waterfalls.

Why You’ll Love Anini Beach Park

This park is a beautiful protected reef that is a great place to snorkel and swim. The waves break farther out, away from the shore. Close to the beach the water is calm, creating a nice swimming area year-round. You’ll see many varieties of small fish and, if you are lucky, sea turtles.

What People Are Saying About Anini Beach Park

“This came highly recommended. I went one time, and it was partly cloudy and a little drizzly. The beach and water didn’t look inviting. The snorkeling was poor. I wasn’t planning on coming back here. Nothing special here, I thought. But then there was no parking at any other beaches up here, so I decided to give Anini a second chance. What a difference the weather makes! It was a beautifully sunny day this time. The water the second time was beautiful and all shades of blue. It was calm and warm. The snorkeling was much better this time. It seems like this protected reef is a nursery of sorts, because I saw a lot of teeny juvenile fish, as well as juvenile eels. So cute. It got windy and the current got strong in the early afternoon. I came back here often, to swim and snorkel. It’s nice to have a beach like this near Princeville, with no 1-lane bridges to cross. Sand is filled with rocks and coral, so water shoes are recommended. No soft sand here. On the weekends, much of the parking gets taken up by residents having events and get-togethers. Not only are they taken up, but I noticed they were being ‘saved’ by household items being put in the spaces to hold them. There was even a baptism happening here one Sunday that I was there. So come early on the weekends to find parking. Tip: don’t be too quick to swim across the sandy bottom to get to the reef. The turtles liked to hang out on the sandy bottom!” MK Campbell,

Anahola Beach Park

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Located on the east shore of Kauai, Anahola is thought to be the safest beach on tthe windward coast of Kauai. The sandy white beach is protected from the surf by the outer edge of the reef. It is a calm place to swim. Surfing is permitted on the northern sign of the beach where it is less protected and has a closer break. Overnight camping is allowed in the park with a permit.

Why You’ll Love Anahola Beach Park

You’ll love the spectacular beach with a scenic view of the Kalalea Mountains. There is a fringe of trees which provide shade to beachgoers. Fish in the nearby Anahola River or snorkel the reef in the calm water. the Kauai waterfalls are just a short drive inland.

Salt Pond Beach Park

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Located on Kauai’s western shore, Salt Pond Beach Park offers great snorkeling for the kids. The water is clear and calm. There are a number of tidal pools that harbor an assortment of marine life. Restrooms, showers, shade pavilions, and a lifeguard are on hand.

Why You’ll Love Salt Pond Beach Park

Salt Pond Beach Park is ideal for families with small children. The water is protected by the reef, so the water is calm and warm. The park gets its name from the natural salt ponds next door.

Niumalu Beach Park

Niumalu Beach Park is a 3.4 acre county park popular for camping, picnicking, and launching kayaks. Swimming is great when conditions are calm. You’ll find 50 dedicated campsites, a boat ramp, pavilion, playground, and restrooms.

Why You’ll Love Niumalu Beach Park

Nature abounds here. The Huleia National Wildlife Refuge is next door to the west and the Nawiliwili Beach Park is to the east. Nearby is the Menehune Fish Pond, an ancient fishpond with mythical beginnings.

What People Are Saying About Niumalu Beach Park

“Niumalu Beach Park is really a spot to launch canoes or Kayaks. it’s got a bathroom, which of late has been working but no real beach to mention. Your better off walking over to the Marriott.” – KauaiBlueJay,

“This beach provide a combination of the beach with lava rocks and terrific ocean views. An easy walking beach and not to crowded.” – Annette H Tustin,

Kahili Mountain Park

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Camping at the base of a volcano, surrounded by mountains, it is easy to understand why Hawaii has a reputation as a paradise. During the winter, the clouds back up to the mountain top and it rains frequently, but the weather is perfect just a few miles away at the beach. This is one of the few RV parks in Hawaii with electric hook-ups, but it is for groups and members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church only.

Why You’ll Love Kahili Mountain Park

The area is swarming with wildlife and farm animals, you’ll see a lot of nature. The Kahili Mountain Trail is very steep, but when you make it to the top, you are rewarded with a gorgeous view of the island.

What People Are Saying About Kahili Mountain Park

“We visit Kauai every year and typically stay at ocean front locations. Wanted to try something new and absolutely loved the beauty, peace and serenity of Kahili Mountain Park. Ridge Trail hike directly from the park has an amazing view of Kauai, perhaps the best of all hikes we’ve endured on the island First time ever taking a shower outside under the stars and moon. Water was perfect temperature for outdoor showers. The property has dozens of chickens, ducks and peacocks that love to be fed directly from your hand and they love to follow you in a bird parade. We had three baby pigs visit the trees right behind our cabin several nights. This is definitely a place to get in touch with nature and all the other beauty of Kauai that is not centered around the ocean. Would definitely come back.” – Dina H,

YWCA Camp Sloggett

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Camp Slogget is an unusual lodge, cottage, campground, and hostel located in the stunning Kokee State Park. It features over 45 miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and nature lovers. The area is secluded, in a tropical evergreen forest at the top of Waimea Canyon. You’ll see rare birds such as the beautiful red fiwi bird and other endangered species.

Why You’ll Love YWCA Camp Sloggett

Camp Sloggett is inland in the tropical forest of Hawaii. It is close to the Waipo’o Falls, the Alakai Swamp Trail, and Canyon Trail. There is a barbeque area, covered lanai with a ping-pong table, volleyball, and other activities.

What People Are Saying About YWCA Camp Sloggett

“Wonderful camping area with lots of shade, great facilities. $10 per a night, per a person. If you are lucky someone will be staying in the sloggett lodge, therefore doors are left unlocked so you can use that kitchen and bathroom., or you can pay the extra $10 a night, a person. Otherwise they lock it up and you have to use the bunkhouse, which isn’t really clean and is used by local hunters. There is a frig for your food that everyone can use. Also a cabin that looked nice… but with all camping on Kauai.. the roosters are everywhere and will wake you up not bright, but really, really early. Great location in the park, walking distance to numerous trails, the Koke’e lodge and museum… has a creek to the left that was great to listen to. Also a HUGE temperature relief compared to other camping on Kaua’i.. it was in the 50’s at night.. so bring a warm blanket.” – E-lizard,

YMCA Camp Naue

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Located on the North Shore of Kauai, Camp Naue is a short walk from excellent snorkeling at Tunnels Beach. Beachfront camping under mountain peaks with cascading waterfalls, what could be more beautiful? The YMCA also offers educational program and activities at Camp Naue.

Why You’ll Love YMCA Camp Naue

This family friendly camp offers basic amenities for campers along with activities designed for children. The property is owned by the YMCA and supports local educational and sports programs.

In Summary

When camping at a county park, you must have a camping permit. These permits are $3.00 per adult/night for non-residents and free for Hawaii residents. For more information on Camping permits, visit Camping on Kauai.

There are very few RVs for rent on Kauai. For the best selection, visit listings pages. We list RVs for rent by owners and by dealerships or RV rental companies, so you can get the best information available. The competition also helps keep prices reasonable. Kauai is an excellent place for RVing, especially when visiting the Kauai waterfalls and local beaches.


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