Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Lake Coeur d'Alene

What’s an RV trip without some time spent camping out by the lake?

Idaho’s crystal blue gem, Lake Coeur d’Alene, is quickly becoming a top travel destination for resort-goers and RV campers alike.

With over 135 miles of shoreline, stunning scenery, and a mountain setting, it’s no wonder Lake Coeur d’Alene campgrounds have become so popular. The areas surrounding the lake offer an abundance of outdoor activities for the whole family.

Boating, fishing, kayaking, and even windsurfing are popular water activities, while the land offers mountain biking, hiking, and world-class golfing. There’s even a golf course island situated in the middle of the lake. Affordable boat rentals make it easy to take the family out on the water, as do daily lake and river cruises at sunset, for dinner, or even for brunch. The shore offers visitors dozens of clean, sandy beaches to relax on with volleyball nets, basketball courts, and more.

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, visiting any time between November and February means you’ll be able to witness a pretty phenomenal surprise. During this time of year, large migrating populations of bald eagles visit the lake to feed on salmon in Wolf Lodge Bay. All year round, you’ll also be able to find swans, ducks, and other wildlife around the lake.

For those in the family who love to fish, Lake Coeur d’Alene has some of the region’s best. Chinook salmon, trout, and bass flock to the area as do northern pike. You can easily charter a fishing trip from a handful of companies in the area.

The towns that line Lake Coeur d’Alene, with the city of Coeur d’Alene along its northern shores, are also lovely towns filled with culture and interesting activities. You’ll find lots of great dining options along with many new craft breweries popping up, and even some fantastic local wineries. Coeur d’Alene offers some impressive art galleries and playhouses as well as bike trails, historic walking tours, casinos, resorts, museums, and amusement parks.

Situated right on the Idaho-Washington border, Lake Coeur d’Alene is just under an hour from Spokane, Washington, right off of I-90. Heading east 4 hours will take RV travelers across the Montana border and into the beautiful city of Helena, while the Canadian border sits just 2 and a half hours north and eventually leads to some of British Columbia and Canada’s best national parks.

The region surrounding Lake Coeur d’Alene is truly stunning, and a trip around the area is one of the most scenic RV trips in the country. While traveling around the northwest, or around Idaho, a stop at the active and buzzing Lake Coeur d’Alene campgrounds is a must.

So, as you plan your mountainous, pine tree-filled vacation to Idaho and the northwest, here is the best RV camping near Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Alpine Country Store & RV Park

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While not directly on the lake, this RV park on the north side of Coeur d’Alene city is right next to the airport, Coeur d’Alene resort and casino, and Silverwood Theme Park. Its position just outside of the downtown area give visitors a smaller experience with all the amenities of a larger resort, offering quiet and privacy without sacrificing the full Coeur d’Alene experience.

Why You’ll Love Alpine Country Store & RV Park

This is a great place to stay with the whole family and keep everyone well entertained. Within less than 30 minutes, you can easily reach the lake, the area’s best golf courses, casinos, and one of the top-rated theme parks in the country. The RV sites themselves are very well-shaded, private, and large enough to really be big-rig friendly.

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River Walk RV Park

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Idaho Bureau of Land Management

This is an urban park in the heart of Coeur d’Alene, near everything that this beautiful city has to offer. It’s right on the Spokane River and just down the street from where the river feeds into the north side of the lake, making it a great location for those looking to maximize their time in the water. You can also walk from this park to downtown Coeur d’Alene, Riverstone Entertainment Center, Centennial Bike Trail, and multiple parks. The park also features quick and easy access to I-90.

Why You’ll Love River Walk RV Park

If you’re looking to split your time between the lively downtown area of Coeur d’Alene and the lake, this is the ideal location. Reviews of the park consistently state that the owner is very accommodating, often allowing visitors to check out late and change sites when an issue arises. Most sites here are pull-through sites, and you can walk to the Centennial trail along the river for a nice hike or bike ride.

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Coeur d’Alene RV Resort

You’ll find this park nestled just off of I-90 and the Spokane River, Coeur d’Alene RV Resort is conveniently located for RV travelers without being right in the middle of everything. The area surrounding the resort is spacious and scenic, and it takes a mere 15 minutes to drive into downtown Coeur d’Alene or the lakeside.

Why You’ll Love Coeur d’Alene RV Resort

This resort provides a huge value at a very reasonable price. The clubhouse, indoor heated pool, gym, hot tub, and fast wifi give this place a hotel feel for the cost of an RV park. The grounds are spacious, beautifully landscaped, and well-maintained, and there are dozens of attractions right at your doorstep, from golfing and ski resorts to shopping and dining. This place has a hotel

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Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort & Hotel

This well-established resort and hotel just outside of Worley, Idaho is almost a city in itself. Located on the western side of Lake Coeur d’Alene about 30 minutes south of the city center, visitors to this area will find themselves well away from the main tourist attractions but still able to access them if needed.

Why You’ll Love Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort & Hotel

This is a true resort experience. Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort and Hotel is actually primarily a hotel, but they allo nightly RV camping. This means you get all the amenities of a high class resort at the price point of an RV park. RV campers have access to the property’s many attractions, including a fantastic golf course, fine dining, casino gambling, and a full-service luxury spa. The casino puts on live concerts, cash giveaways, and more, and the surrounding area is pristine and beautiful.

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Camp Coeur d’Alene

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This recently renovated RV park has a wilderness feel in a remote location while being just 15 minutes from everything Coeur d’Alene city has to offer. It sits off of I-90 just east of Coeur d’Alene, giving visitors easy access to the surrounding mountains as well as camp sites that sit right on Wolf Lodge Creek and Wolf Lodge Bay.

Why You’ll Love Camp Coeur d’Alene

This Lake Coeur d’Alene campground is an institution. They’ve been in business since 1967, and their longevity suggests excellence on many levels. This is a true destination campground, and you could easily spend your entire vacation in this area, with the lake, mountains, pine forests, and local wildlife as your idyllic backdrop.

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The Hemlocks RV Park and Lodging

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During the 1950s, the Hemlocks was a destination for fine dining in Moyle Springs, Idaho. The great food and good service reputation spread quickly, and people started coming to this destination. Eventually, the restaurant closed, but it is open again in Mayle Springs, Idaho. Camp in the 20 RV camping spaces, the overflow parking near the pavilion, or the boondocking RV spots. There are also tent camping and other options available. 

Why You’ll Love The Hemlocks RV Park and Lodging

The beautiful hemlock forest at The Hemlocks welcomes. It is a great place to enjoy life at a slower pace. You will want to eat good Texas-style barbecue at this campground. The barbecue is slow-cooked over a wood fire to give it that smoky taste you savor. Gasoline is also available.

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Tamarack RV Park

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Just three miles north of the lake and 75 miles from the Canadian border, this park is a great stop for those splitting their time between British Columbia and Idaho. It conveniently sits within walking distance of many different attractions, and it’s a short drive into Coeur d’Alene’s lovely downtown area. However, its location outside of town lets visitors immerse themselves in the surrounding forests of ponderosa pines.

Why You’ll Love Tamarack RV Park

This is the perfect location for those who want to feel as if they’re camping in the middle of remote woodland while being just minutes from the all amenities of Coeur d’Alene. In fact, visitors can even walk to a variety of dining options, shops, and even a bowling alley just outside of the park. The tall, old trees provide plenty of shade during the summer months, and the park is very quiet despite being near the highway.

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Wolf Lodge Campground

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http://Wolf Lodge Campground

Just over a mile from the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene, this campground is located on the mountainous east side of the lake right off of I-90. While its location gives it the remote feel of a true campground, it’s only 8 miles east of downtown Coeur d’Alene, making it a breeze to go into the city for a day trip.

Why You’ll Love Wolf Lodge Campground

As a mountainside resort, Wolf Lodge Campground offers easy access to a range of outdoor activities, from mountain activities such as skiing and mountain biking to canoeing and kayaking on the lake. This campground is steeped in nature, offering the best of Lake Coeur d’Alene scenery and the chance to spot wildlife; visitors have even reported moose sightings on the grounds. You also have access to Wolf Lodge Creek right at your doorstep, where you can rent canoes and kayaks and explore the beautiful surrounding landscape.

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Ravenwood RV Resort

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This new, updated RV resort is just down the street from Coeur d’Alene’s best family friendly attractions: Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park, the largest amusement parks in the northwest. Ravenwood RV Resort even offers daily shuttles for guests to both of these locations, and a 30 minute drive in the other direction will take you straight into downtown Coeur d’Alene and the lake.

Why You’ll Love Ravenwood RV Resort

If you’ve got the kids and tow and you’re looking to keep them entertained, this is a great place in the area to do it. With a free shuttle going to both the nearby amusement parks, it’s undoubtedly the best place to stay if visiting Silverwood Theme Park is high on your list. This RV resort just opened in 2015, so its facilities are brand new and modern, offering a high level of comfort.

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Blackwell Island RV Park

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Located on the water with a long stretch of swimming beach, this is a gorgeous area where water enthusiasts will have a blast. Blackwell Island is directly outside of downtown Coeur d’Alene, connected to the city by bridge, so it’s very easily accessible and close to any amenities you could need. At the same time, it’s on an island that borders both the lake and the Spokane River, so campers feel completely immersed in nature.

Why You’ll Love Blackwell Island RV Park

If you’re going to visit Coeur d’Alene, staying on Blackwell Island is one of the most scenic ways to do it. This is one of the few RV parks in the entire area that’s located directly on the water, so you can wake up and walk straight out into the lake for a morning swim. Between pontoon rentals, kayaks, canoes, water bikes, golfing, parasailing, hiking, biking, and even a nearby theater that puts on live concerts, you’ll find plenty to entertain.

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Cedar Grove RV Campground

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Less than 30 minutes north of Lake Coeur d’Alene and 15 minutes from downtown Coeur d’Alene, Cedar Grove RV Campground is another great option for those who want easy access to the lake and city without having to stay in the middle of it. While Ravenwood RV Resort is a little closer to Silverwood Theme Park, Cedar Grove RV Campground is another solid and affordable place to stay for those who want to take the kids out to the northwest’s largest amusement park and water park.

Why You’ll Love Cedar Grove RV Campground

Given this campground’s convenient location between Silverwood Theme Park and Lake Coeur d’Alene, it’s a great deal for just $35 per day. The campground has fantastic reviews, with many people praising the helpfulness and hospitality of the campground host. The RV park itself even has a splash pad, arcade, and beach access, making it a great place to bring the family.

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In Summary


Whether you’re looking for the full blown resort experience or a quiet, simple campground with a deserted lakeside beach, Lake Coeur d’Alene campgrounds offer it all.

One of Idaho’s most prized destinations, Coeur d’Alene books up far in advance during high season and prices are only rising. RV travel is the best way to see the area while still enjoying some flexibility and affordable price ranges.

No vacation to the northwest is complete without crystal clear blue lakes, fields of pine trees, and snow-capped mountains. Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene has it all.

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