Tips for Renting an RV in the Phoenix Area

Last updated on August 6th, 2021 at 11:03 am. Originally published on November 21st, 2014

There aren’t too many places in the U.S. where renting an RV year-round is possible, but Phoenix is one of those places. The amazing weather is one of the reasons it is a major tourist attraction for people all over globe. The Phoenix area also offers a vast variety of things to do and see. No matter what you or your fellow travelers are interested in, there is something in the Phoenix area you’ll enjoy. So we are going to cover a few of the places and events that we feel you can’t miss.




Western Destinations: A True Western Experience

Located just 40-miles North of Phoenix, Western Destinations brings to you the Canyon Creek Ranch. With over 400,000 acres available in the Agua Fria National Monument, Canyon Creek Ranch offers a journey into the world of Western Frontier life. Experience the Old West on an incredible horse-back trail ride, learn to shoot real western style shotguns and handguns in a controlled and safe environment and enjoy the delicious flavors of a traditional cowboy cookout. Though this may not seem like something you’re interested in, this is one of the most popular and recommended places in the Phoenix area to visit. Whether you’re going with a group, by yourself or a corporation, Western Destinations is a truly can’t-miss-experience.

The Musical Instrument Museum

Learn and interact with the history of musical instruments from the entire world, in this truly fascinating museum. Located in Northern Phoenix, the MIM has a 200,000 square-foot space that educates and enlightens visitors on the massive amount of musical instruments in the world. A variety of exhibits will showcase the artistry, functionality and diversity of music; as well as the many instruments used to create the music. This isn’t just your typical museum; you won’t just be walking around and staring at the instruments behind a glass showcase. You will get to be a participant while interacting with a large variety of instruments from different time periods and regions of the world. This is probably the only place where you can play a didgeridoo (an Australian wind instrument) and then hear a guitar that Elvis Presley once played. The Musical Instrument Museum is a place you must visit while in Phoenix.


The Annual Pueblo Grande Indian Market (December)

This annual market is organized each December at the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary, to showcase Native American artistry and craftsmanship. The events bring in the top Native American artists and craftsmen, who specialize in painting, sculpture, wood working, jewelry, basket-weaving and much more. There is traditional dance and music scheduled throughout the event, as well as hands-on demonstrations from the artists. You will also be able to experience delicious, traditional Native American food. Tickets are $5 for adults, while children who are 12 and under are free. The tickets give you access to the market and the Pueblo Grande Museum. Take advantage of one of the more culturally-rich gatherings in the entire country while in the Phoenix area.

The Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival (Feb 28 – Mar 2)

Hosted by Thunderbird Artists, the Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival is one of the finest art festivals in the Western United States. Over 150 jury-selected artists, from the United States and around the world, will display thousands of original pieces of art. Whether you enjoy painting, sculpture, photography or something else, you will surely find something you will like. You will also get to see various performances from live musicians throughout the festival and take part in the wine-tasting events. Although this is a very respected and well-known festival, the prices for the art and wine are very affordable. You can take the entire day to enjoy fine art and wine in the very aptly-named town of Carefree!

I hope these suggestions will help get you started after you secure your Phoenix RV rental. There is so much to do while here, the hardest part is picking what you want to experience! No matter what you choose to see, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have fun!

Safe Travels.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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