Tiny Houses Make This Couple’s Dreams Come True

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Who ever said that bigger is better? The revolutionary movement for Tiny Houses has swept the country (and proven once and for all) that good things come in small packages. Ecologically and economically, they are a good investment. Alek Lisefski, and his girlfriend, Anijali, built their 96-square foot house, for about $30,000, in less than a year.

The 31-year old web designer started with an 8’x12′ flatbed trailer, on which he laid the foundation. The small, sustainable space he shares with his girlfriend and their dog, Anya, allows them to simplify their lives.

The Arrangement
The couple keeps their tiny home on the property of a host family in California. They pay a small rent fee and do some yard work, in exchange for a space on the property.

Additionally, since their home is on wheels, it is portable, in case they decide to relocate.

The Tiny House’s Living Room

The open layout of the interior provides plenty of natural light, which makes it look larger than it, in fact, is.

It has also been designed to ensure all the essentials perfectly fit. There is even a combination washer/dryer for doing laundry.

The Tiny House’s Kitchen

Although their combination stove/oven is one that is often found in boats, it is perfectly comfortable in tiny houses, such as theirs. It allows the couple to make the most of the available space.

A fold-out table provides a perfect tiny space to eat dinner.

The couple’s plumbing is simplified, through access to the municipal water supply, which eliminates their need for tanks.

The Tiny House’s Bathroom

Although the bathroom is small, it is fully-functional and sustainable.

Tiny Houses Bathroom Sink

Alek Lisefski/Business Insider

It has a homemade, composting toilet, and even a shower that has water heated by propane.

The Tiny House’s Bedroom

The comfy, lofted bedrooms, often found in tiny houses, are typically accessed with a simple ladder, to minimize intrusion into the space.

The roomy area, in this one, even has a makeshift closet for maximum storage.

In Conclusion

These small homes allow their occupants to live life on their terms. Alek Lisefski wrote, “While living in such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free from all but what is essential.”

Please share the photos of this beautiful space, and the inspiring story of this and other tiny houses with the friends and family! They’ll surely thank you for it!