Tiny Camper: 16 Photos Too Cute to Miss

Last updated on March 22nd, 2019 at 03:30 pm. Originally published on May 29th, 2015

Whether referring to the little black dress or the little black book, good things come in small packages. When you want a go-to item that you can always depend upon, little is often better. It doesn’t take up as much room, and it is often just as useful as its bigger counterparts.


For example, there are many benefits to choosing a tiny camper over a full sized motorhome or travel trailer. For one, they are way more economical, as they can be towed with a compact, fuel-efficient vehicle. Plus, they are much easier to drive and to find convenient places to park. Enter “La Petit”.

The Tiny Camper “La Petit”

The well-known phrase, “good things come in small packages”, easily applies to this teardrop trailer named “La Petit”, which means “little” in French. La Petit is a 2013 Phasma custom built and designed by Geist Werks.

The Tiny Trailer


The Exterior of La Petit

Like most teardrop trailer styles, this tiny camper has a door on each side that allows for easy access both on the way in and out. Sliding windows with screens provide a cross breeze for airflow. Plus, both of the doors lock for security.

The Tiny Camper
The Tiny Camper


The Interior of the Camper

Inside, the temperature is controlled by an overhead fan with a rain sensor. With a rich maple wood interior and LED lights, the space is cozy and comfortable.

Peeking in a Window


There is plenty of slide-out storage by means of cabinets and drawers outfitted with LED lighting. All the lights can be controlled remotely for ambience.

A special compartment has space for extra storage and a battery that powers the lights and fan.

Storage and Batteries


The Tiny Camper Galley

For cooking, the adorable kitchen features a Camp Chef Stove that slides out of sight when not in use.

A cooler easily takes its place while traveling. The tiny propane tank holds a mere 11 pounds.

La Petit carries a 7-gallon fresh water tank and a 7-gallon tank for gray water.

The sink has a 12-volt on demand water pump and ample storage.

The Bedroom of La Petit

The bedroom features a queen size memory foam bed.

There is ample storage behind frosted cabinet doors at the head of the bed.

An additional window and reading lights provide illumination at night.

There is a 12-volt television and DVD player for evening relaxation.

The LED lights within the cabinets can be set to change colors intermittently or remain one solid color throughout.

This makes La Petit not only a convenient camper, but a cozy one, as well.

In Conclusion

With the advent of the Tiny House movement, living little has become the “new black”. Tiny campers, such as the one in these pictures, are economically and ecologically responsible. Plus, they are just plain cute. Please share this with any of your fellow travelers who will enjoy a peek into the experience of owning a teardrop trailer. Contribute to the movement, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and put a smile on the faces of those you pass.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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