This Camper Will Make You Happy

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This is one of the cutest RVs I have ever seen! It’s called the Happier Camper, or the HC1.

This small lightweight trailer is a snap to tow for a weekend away. Let’s take a look at what it can do.

The HC1 is made entirely of fiberglass and filled with movable modular cubes. The cubes can be used for indoor furniture or a kitchen workspace. Want to sit outside? The cubes become outdoor seating or extra storage! This allows you to completely customize the interior to better suit your camping needs.

Every unit offers a cushion top so it easily converts to a bed.  At night, they make perfect seats for you and your family to enjoy an outdoor fire. I love the idea of making a trailer work for your lifestyle. That’s what camping is all about.

Need a way to haul something? Remove the cubes and this trailer works for cargo. Need a work space? Adjust the cubes and create a mobile office. Ready to camp in the great outdoors? Add the kitchen cubes, make a bed, and you are good to go. There are many additional features offered for the HC1 such as solar, Bose sound and exterior day tents.

This camper is being made in California and starts at a base price of $16,000.  Models start rolling off the assembly line in early 2016 but you can place a pre order now. For more information about the amazing HC1 visit Happier