The Terra Wind RV That’s A Boat!

Cool Amphibious Manufactures International LLC or CAMI has been making amphibious vehicles since 1999. They are now hoping that their love for everything amphibious can merge an RV with a yacht, and make you say goodbye to mortgages forever as you live on the road, or in the water.

Terra wind floater home

“The Terra Wind,” as the beast has been named, has marble floors and leather furniture, as well as mirrored ceilings and full-size appliances. The dashboard is a little boy’s dream, and looks almost like an airplane cockpit full of gauges and controls. GPS, navigational charts and a docking system, with access to the internet, are standard equipment.

Terra wind bedroom

It is 42.5-feet long and 102-inches wide. The coach is 12.5-feet tall. The price is entirely dependent on the custom fittings you want, but expect to pay at least $1.2 million for the Terra Wind, though the starting price is as low as $850,000.

The Terra Wind has a highway speed of up to 80-mph and can go 7 knots on the water.  It has:

  • Front GAWR 12,000lbs
  • Rear GAWR 21,000 lbs
  • GVWR 33,000 lbs
  • GCWR 41,000 lbs

CAMI isn’t done with the Terra Wind yet, though. They hope to also build a trailer that can float, as it is towed behind the RV. The trailer should be able to hold a car or 2 jet skis.

terrawind floating in water

The only thing that’s different on the Terra Wind is the front-angled bumper. It also has sliding doors in the back, which provides a nice view of the land or water from the comfort of your bedroom. A swim deck can also be lowered in the rear.

Luxury motorhomes, such as the Terra Wind, are head turners, but wait until you drive this Class A motor home into the lake!

Terra wind on the road

Does the Terra Wind floater home excite you? Land or water, where would you rather drive your RV?

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