Teardrop Trailers Are Timeless!

Over the years there are certain travel trailers that have stood the test of time. At the top of the list is the teardrop trailer. This diminutive camper gets its name from the distinctive teardrop shape.

Loved for their style and go anywhere size, this tiny trailers can be pulled behind nearly any vehicle and has enough sleeping space for at least two. Many styles also feature a rear kitchen for outdoor cooking.

The teardrop first appeared in the 1930s when a few DIY magazines published simple plans for the trailer. The idea was to build the trailer using a 4 x 8 piece of plywood, making it an affordable project at a time when money was tight. In the mid-1960s the teardrop trailer fell out of fashion and became nearly extinct.

The teardrop revival occurred along with the rise of the Internet. Once again building plans for these simple trailers were published (this time online instead of in print) and in no time the little trailer was back with a vengeance. Soon there were teardrop owners clubs were popping up all around the globe.

The original teardrop trailer size ranged from 4-6 feet in width, and 8-10 feet in length. Just long enough for two people to sleep inside. The campers usually weight less than 1,000 pounds, and the sleek design makes them an easy, fuel efficient tow.



Due to its reboot in popularity, tons of commercial manufacturers are now making teardrop trailers available to the public. From vintage style teardrops to sporty, off-road trailers, teardrops are certainly

Here are a few of the teardrop trailers currently available in the marketplace:

[email protected] Teardrop Trailer



These oversized teardrops are super light despite their size. In fact most can be pulled by a small SUV. [email protected] have become highly collectable and are developing a following of their own.

American Teardrop Trailer

This is a classic teardrop designed with an affordable price. American makes several models and all are easy to two and highly customizable.

Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailer

Camp-Inn offers 12 models that start at just under $6,000 and go up to $13,000. These high quality teardrops feature vintage styling with modern amenities such as a/c, heating, a cooking stove, and much more.

Cozy Cruiser Teardrop Trailer

This line of Oregon built teardrops features four models range in price from $10 to 13,000.  Cozy Cruisers are all about amenities and streamlined beauty.

Eggcamper Teardrop

This trailer hints of the classic teardrop styling while offering considerably more space. It features an outside galley kitchen that is sure to provide awesome campsite meals. Eggcampers teardrops are made of molded fiberglass which makes them durable and lightweight.

Little Guy Teardrop

The Little Guy Teardrop trailers are known for being lightweight and affordable. They offer three models in varying sizes and with a range of amenities.

Custom Built Teardrops

Of course, purists don’t want to buy a teardrop — they want to build one from scratch. If that’s you, be sure to check out this homemade teardrop trailer constructed for under $2,000.

Is a teardrop trailer for you? Why or why not? Would you buy one or build one? New or vintage? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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