Love and Loyalty: You Won’t Believe This Teardrop Trailer

Last updated on March 26th, 2019 at 03:16 pm. Originally published on June 20th, 2015

Man’s best friend—they love you unconditionally and wait for you patiently while you’re away. All they want is to be loved in return—and fed daily. Having a pet is a major obligation. They require similar care to a child, yet they are unable to verbally express their wishes. Also, they dislike being left alone.



So, what do you do when you are traveling with your pet, especially if you travel by motorcycle? One man decided to build his dog, Maggie, a teardrop trailer. At four feet long and two and one half feet wide, the trailer is big enough for Maggie to ride in comfortably. And light enough—at 225 pounds—for him to pull by bike.



He designed it on his computer and used a CNC router to cut it out. If you are inspired by this man’s love for his dog, please share this with others who would appreciate it.

Assembling the Trailer

With the pieces cut, he assembled the main parts. He then flipped the body and installed the wheels, axle, and the 2 ½-inch aluminum tongue.

The frame of the camper was bolted with galvanized hardware to a ¾-inch piece of plywood. Then, he used a 2×6-inch board as a platform to mount the springs and the axle.

Constructing the Floor

The pieces were easily assembled. He used screws, staples, and glue to attach them together like a puzzle. This took him only a couple of hours.

Building the Walls

He constructed the walls from planks of ½-inch birch and then covered them with an outer skin of aluminum composite. PVC covered and waterproofed the seams of the corner trim.

He used a jigsaw to cut openings for windows. For the side window he installed a used boat window that he found in a nearby junkyard.



The second window was a porthole that he cut in the front with a CNC router. He used a LEXAN rain cover for the portal window.

Next he installed the turn signals and brake lights.

Adding the Roof

The roof consisted of support ribs with rigid foam insulation between them. Spray foam helped perfect the finish.

Maggie’s Teardrop Trailer

The interior was made cozy with automotive carpet placed on the walls, and foam cushions made from 3/8-inch plywood and 2-inch foam.

Dog-sized steps were installed on the exterior to make Maggie’s ascent easier.

The portal window was installed to be the perfect height for Maggie’s line of vision. This allows her to see out the window while she is properly seated.

This creation allows Maggie to accompany her human-friend on his adventures. They both prefer it that way.

In Conclusion

Always a loyal and constant companion, Maggie deserved the royal treatment. This man’s innovative teardrop trailer ensures that she is safe and comfortable when they camp together. With the trailer being perfectly proportioned for the pup, her human companion likely sleeps in a tent. It is obvious where his priorities are. Please share this with any friends or family members who have a love for animals, camping, or creativity. This story provides each.

Via: Reddit / Do it Yourself RV

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