What Can You Store Inside A Cute Teardrop Galley?

Last updated on March 22nd, 2019 at 04:48 pm. Originally published on June 17th, 2015

A tiny teardrop can be most useful when it comes to road trips. You can store all the necessary items to make your trip more enjoyable, while granting yourself the comfort you desire. Although it may appear to lack space, you’ll be amazed by how much can fit inside a Tiny Yellow Teardrop Trailer.



The owners of Sunflower, a small yellow Teardrop trailer, demonstrate how with a bit of organization you can fit everything you need inside the galley kitchen of a teardrop. Take a look.

You can’t go on a camping trip without a proper stove. This portable Coleman stove fits perfectly inside the trailer.



Plastic cutting boards.

Bowls for soups or salads. Enough for several guests.



Enamelware plates.

Plastic drinking glasses.

Fun fish themed plates for serving food.

Four mugs for the morning coffee.

Two boxes that hold a variety of important stuff including…

Olive oil,

And salt, pepper, spices, and, of course, hot sauce.

A small spray bottle filled with water and soap makes quick work of the dishes.

A handy French press thermos for coffee on the go.

Aluminum foil and paper towels.

Spatulas for flipping the morning bacon.

Two red dishpans filled with essential kitchen items such as…

A well loved cast iron pan,

A small bag with plastic bags inside (for keeping nature away from garbage),

Oven mitts for hot pots,

A secondary propane bottle,

And extra towels and rags to keep things tidy.

But that’s not all. This tiny trailer also has a drawer with more storage space for items like cutlery and other items.

Like dish soap and a sponge,

Necessary camping equipment such as a bottle openers, vegetable peelers, can opener, tongs and a trusty knife,

Enough forks, spoons, and knives for several people,

Scissors, lighters with extra fuel, a pen and a tiny strainer,

And if you like it old-school, matches to light the bar-b-cue, and that clothespin that… well, it will come in handy somehow.

Inside the one cabinet is a large size pot,

A pot for pasta and vegetables,

A pot for heating water or milk,

A pot for cooking on the campfire,

And a bowl for mixing eggs.

The open storage area holds a propane tank, another dishpan, a 2.5 gallon bottle filled with water, and a plastic bin for dry goods.

Take a peak inside the plastic bin and you will find coffee, sugar, honey, hot chocolate, pasta, rice, and some storage containers.

Phew! Can you believe that all fit in there? This shows that with a little tidiness and organization you can make the most of a tiny teardrop trailer. Be sure to visit the Tiny Yellow Teardrop website for more ideas and stories about tiny space living, including a great post all about how to change clothes inside a teardrop.

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