Tailgating RV You Have to See to Believe

Last updated on March 22nd, 2019 at 11:30 am. Originally published on May 11th, 2015

With the cheering, the enthusiasm, and the barbecue, tailgating is a past time that continues to gain popularity. As competitive cooks, Chester Lewis and his team, the Specialists, hone their skills by participating in pre-game cooking at the college football games of Auburn University and the University of Alabama. These two schools are actually ranked in the top 25 of The Bleacher Report’s list of tailgating schools.


To make their travels more comfortable, the Lewis family traded in their Winnebago and upgraded to a luxury motorhome. The first trip in the new vehicle was to the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide’s first home game. The following photographs depict how majestic the vehicle really is. After enjoying them yourself, please share them with your friends.

The Exterior of the Entegra Aspire

The Lewis family’s new RV is a 2014 Entegra Aspire. The 43-foot long rig can sleep six adults comfortably.


Heather Durham

The exterior is as accommodating, as it is attractive. The adjustable awning features LED lighting that makes it a great spot for friends to gather, day and night.

It has a 40-inch HDTV that includes a CD and DVD player and mounted speakers. These make this tailgating RV a particularly popular space for sports spectators, as well as other visitors.

The Interior of the Entegra Aspire

The interior includes deluxe leather upholstery for the front seats, making them quite comfortable.

Plus, an adjustable steering wheel makes driving comfortable for anyone.


Heather Durham

The traditional gauges monitor the fuel levels. The Aspire only gets 8 mpg, but it holds 100 gallons of diesel to reduce refueling stops, while traveling.

It has a built-in GPS for easy navigation. Rear-mounted cameras assist with backing up this mammoth machine.

All of the controls are easily reached from the driver’s seat.

Large windows provide a panoramic view while driving. They also enable the passengers to fully enjoy the passing scenery.

The Living Space

The living space is truly luxurious. Plush leather sofas offer abundant and comfortable seating. This coach provides all the comforts of a vacation home or condo.

The large windows allow for plenty of natural light, and the many overhead fixtures illuminate the space at night.

Attractive wooden cabinets line the room, providing a number of spaces for storage.

The primary living area has satellite and a 42-inch flat screen TV for entertainment.

Along with the warm ambiance provided by the fireplace, the space has heated flooring. This ensures an even temperature throughout.

The Kitchen

It has a full-sized, fully-functioning kitchen with granite countertops and abundant cabinet space. It is quite contemporary.

The kitchen features residential-sized, stainless-steel appliances. It includes a sink, convection microwave, and a glass-top propane stove to maximize the space.

Along with the full kitchen, the RV provides a stacked washer and dryer for added convenience.

The Bathroom

With one-and-a-half baths, this motorhome affords the Lewis family with the comforts of home.

The master bathroom has a walk-in shower and “Jack and Jill” sink basins.

The Master Bedroom

The spacious bedroom has adequate room for storage, including closet space and drawers.

The focal point of the room, however, is the deluxe king-size “Select Comfort” bed.


Even though their new coach may steal the show, fellow RVers anticipate the Lewis family’s arrival for other reasons.

Chester nearly always brings his barbecue pit and plenty of meat for cooking.

Chester Lewis’ tailgating RV pulls his custom-made Jambo J3 BBQ Pit, and it’s always ready for work.

In fact, his barbecue team ranks second in the state of Alabama.

In Conclusion
The Lewis family’s tailgating RV is likely to get as much attention as his barbecue, while they participate in the competitive sports season. With the ability to entertain, outside as well as inside, they are likely to bring the tailgating parties to them.

Whether you are a fan of tailgating or an RV aficionado, these pictures are bound to catch your attention.

Please share this with your friends and family members who are looking for a new home, a new toy, or a new hobby. They will thank you!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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