Summer 2022 Trends for RVshare Travelers

Last updated on August 11th, 2022 at 10:27 am. Originally published on June 23rd, 2022
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Summer means road trips. And RV travel continues to gain popularity. According to a recent survey of RVshare renters, 68% of travelers said they are very likely to take a road trip this summer. The flexibility RVs provide, along with a one-of-a-kind vacation option is appealing to many.

With the rise of awareness around the RV industry comes a wave of younger generations that are interested in this form of travel. It’s being seen as a great option for families and friends, furry friends included. The high price of gas is a hindrance for some (with 58% of respondents saying they did factor gas prices into their plans), but overall RV travel continues to rise in popularity. Here are some trends we’re seeing based on surveys conducted by Phocusright and RVshare.

RVs Are Becoming Popular with Younger Demographics

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RV rental interest stayed steady from 2020 to 2021, at 13% of travelers. However, RVs are gaining popularity among younger demographics with 25% of travelers aged 18-34 having taken an RV trip in the last 12 months, an increase of 7% YoY, and 47% eager to take an RV trip in the next 12 months.

Generational differences are evident towards RV travel, especially among older travelers 55+ who have never rented an RV before. 

Convenience is Key

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When it comes to RV travel, there is a big demand for making the process as seamless as possible. Travelers overall express a desire for convenience in pickup, delivery and set up. Half or more surveyed also want the convenience of an RV that is delivered and set up prior to their arrival.

Many owners on the RVshare platform offer delivery options, meaning they will deliver the RV straight to your home or destination. This is a great choice for those who are uncomfortable driving or towing a large vehicle, or who want to arrive in their own vehicle and have the RV already set up. 

Traveler Trends

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Past RV experience is a positive when it comes to future intent. Those who have rented an RV in the last 12 months were most enthusiastic and 2/3 of those travelers expressed interest in taking another trip in the upcoming year. Once you let go of the uncertainty you have around RV travel and give it a try, you will be converted for life!

RV trips usually involve a group of people traveling together. 25% were traveling with family, and 28% were traveling with friends. RVs are a great way for groups to get together, whether it’s a family reunion, getting the highschool friends together, or just spending time with extended family. 

Camping is a top activity with RV trips. Nearly 30% of RV travelers camped on their last trip. Parking at a campground still reigns supreme when it comes to RV destinations and rightfully so. Many campgrounds have luxurious amenities, tons of fun for families, and beautiful scenery all around.

When it’s hot outside we all want to be near a body of water. A beach/ocean destination was part of the last RV trip for 24% of RV travelers while 16% went to a lake/river destination. 

You’re calling shotgun. For those planning on taking a trip, 53% plan on driving the RV, and 27% plan on having the RV delivered to their campground destination.

Renters need a vacation. For those renters who are planning to travel this summer, 53% claim they need a vacation and are looking forward to relaxing, while 45% are excited to just get outside and explore what the great outdoors has to offer.

Where is Everyone Going?

Rafting on The Colorado River in the Gran Canyon at sunrise

The top destinations for RVshare travelers include:

  •  Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
  •  Yosemite National Park, CA
  •  Orlando, FL (Ft Wilderness)
  •  Garner State Park, TX
  •  Niagara Falls, NY
  •  Glacier National Park, MT
  •  Ginnie Springs, FL

Inflation and Gas Prices Come Into Play

two men and a dog in the cab of an RV pointing out the window

While many are eager to get away this summer, elevated inflation rates and gas prices have still put a few dents in some travelers’ plans. RVshare found that 16% of travelers reported that increased prices have hindered or completely halted their plans. When asked if inflation has affected consumers’ willingness or ability to travel this summer, 45% claim that it has but they are looking into more affordable options, while 20% state they are finding ways to cut costs in other areas to move forward with current plans.

58% of respondents said they did factor gas prices into their plans, 26% said gas prices haven’t affected anything, and 16% said gas prices have hindered their plans altogether.

RVshare Giving Away Gas Rebates to Ease Pain at the Pump!

RVshare is giving away up to $500,000 in gas ahead of Labor Day travel. With gas prices likely to remain elevated throughout the summer travel season, RVshare wants to help ease consumers’ worries at the pump. The gas reimbursement is available to RVshare travelers through September 5. Renters that book a trip that starts before 9/5 will be entered to win an additional $1,000 visa card!

Click here to apply for reimbursement. Eligible applicants will receive $25 for trips five days or fewer and $50 for trips six days or more.

Lightning Round Fun Travel Facts!

woman drinking from a pink cup next to a campervan

We decided to have a little fun and find out some of our travelers’ preferences, like who wants to drive, must-have road trip snacks, playlists and more!

  • 65% prefer to be the drivers and 28% prefer to be passengers.
  • 35% are listening to curated playlists, and 30% are listening to local radio stations on their trip.
  • 50% prefer to make homemade snacks or meals on their trips, with 26% claiming they prefer gas station/convenience store snacks.
  • 56% say their go-to drink on the road is water, with 20% who prefer coffee/tea and 13% want soda.
  • 64% of travelers prefer to park and eat if they stop for food.
  • The most popular roadside attractions are state parks with 26% claiming them as a favorite.
RVshare travel insights infographic

Survey Information

Phocuswright: U.S. Consumer Travel Survey

Methodology: Phocuswright Inc., U.S. Consumer Travel Survey of 2,158 U.S. travelers aged 18+ conducted in April 2022 in partnership with RVshare.

Survey Monkey: Travel Sentiment Survey from RVshare Renters

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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