Stepping Up Security in Your RV

Are you concerned about the safety of your RV?

If you worry about security in your RV, then you’re like thousands of other RV owners who want to ensure that their RV and the items in it, are protected against thieves.

Did you know that multiple RV manufacturers are producing identical keys for outdoor storage compartment and door locks? If not, then you definitely need to keep reading.

Step Up Security with a Replacement Lock.

There are a lot of options for RV replacement locks. One of the most popular is the RV Lock 4.0 by JT Guardian. Thousands of RV owners have installed this RV lock for increased security. One of these owners is Rene Agredando, who recently wrote a detailed review of the product on the site, Do It Yourself

Rene writes that she “was horrified to discover that the door key to our 2007 Arctic Fox 24′ fifth wheel could open our newly purchased 2010 Arctic Fox 27′ fifth wheel.”

Obviously it was time to step up security with a new lock. 

The JT Guardian RV lock has an integrated keypad, as well as a motor driven deadbolt. It’s operated by a remote keyless system.


Rene Agredano/

As you can see in the picture above, the lock has a relatively slim profile. Rene notes that the RV Lock 4.0 will replace a 4.25″ tall x 3.5″ wide lock mechanism. Assembly was simple and only required a few minutes and a Phillips screwdriver.

The RV Lock 4.0 is incredibly easy to use. Simply use the remote control key, enter your secret code into the key pad, or manually lock and unlock the door with the key. Rene likes the fact that there are three options for accessing the RV. Not only is the remote easy to operate when your arms are full, but as she writes “with a backup key you can still get inside if you misplace the key fob or forget the combination.”

Once you’re the inside of your RV, you can manually engage the secure deadbolt, just by turning the lever. All of the instructions are included within the RV Key kit, and everything is incredibly easy to use. The system four AA batteries that should last about six months. You will be reminded when the batteries are about to run out by an audible tone.

Rene likes the added security that the RV Lock 4.0 provides. She enjoys the features such as the illuminated keypad at night, and the solid look and feel that will hopefully deter would be thieves.

To read Rene’s complete review and see an installation video, head on over to Do It Yourself

Your Safety is the Number One Priority

When it comes to the safety of your RV, you can never be too careful. Installing a system that will keep you and your possessions safe should be your number one priority.

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