This Steampunk Teardrop Knocks It Out Of The Park

Have you ever wondered why all RVs look the same? Dave Moult sure did. That’s why he decided to turn his love of natural materials and mixed metals into a one of a kind, Steampunk teardrop trailer.

You have to see this to believe it!


With its classic aerodynamic design the teardrop trailer is easy to love, and a breeze to tow. That’s why Dave chose the teardrop trailer as the base for his Steampunk design. As a master recycler, Dave discovered discarded pieces of former Teardrops trailers at auctions around the country. He bought one piece on Ebay, and another at a garage sale. As Dave collected parts, he began to think outside “the box”, putting hundreds of hours into his custom Steampunk teardrop project.


From the leather sofa (which he upcycled), to the chandelier crafted from a coffee pot, Dave lets his imagination run wild. A copper fold down sink here, and a silver coffee urn there. Dave certainly knows exactly how to blend fantasy with practical reality. The results are nothing short of amazing.

All photos courtesy of Dave Moult

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