This Guy Took Stealth Camping To A Whole New Level

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting away from it all, this story is for you. The truth is many of us long to go unnoticed in a crowd. To simply do what we want to do and go where we want to go without any strings attached. It’s called stealth camping. The stealth camping lifestyle appealed to Dan but unlike most of us, he decided to do something about it.

Here’s the full story:

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Dan Travels is a YouTube user who travels and makes videos.  What makes him unique? He travels in a one of a kind stealth camping rig that he built himself. You see, to the untrained eye, Dan’s camper van seems plain and boring. It is pretty discrete. You would not know there was a full-sized camper there if you were not looking for it and that is a method to his madness.

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Dan moves through the country in this camper van and shares the stories of his travels. He allows his viewers to live vicariously through him, since not everyone has the chance to travel.  (Especially without anyone noticing you!) His life is off grid and off the radar. He stays on the down low as opposed to announcing his presences everywhere he goes.

Dan likes to stay in stealth mode and wants to go unnoticed when he is camping. This gives him a chance to shoot his videos without people swarming him as if he is famous. He would rather other people do not notice his presence. For Dan, this is all part of the journey. He lives to travel the country and remain unrecognized. It is a luxury that not all YouTubers have. Dan takes full advantage of living “incognito.”


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Truth be told, there are hours of unnoticed planning that went into Dan’s ultimate off grid lifestyle. It was important that his rig looked just like any professionally converted van you can buy at an RV lot. He worked hard to create a camper van with a quality finish.

When asked, Dan said he does not have a lot of trouble when the cops ask him why he is living in a van. If fact, they often praise him and offer support for his lifestyle. Wouldn’t you do the same thing?  Living in a mini motor home is an enjoyable experienced that not a lot of people get the opportunity to enjoy.  If you had the chance, you too might jump in with both feet.  That’s what Dan did.

Now let’s take a look of the van conversion, step by step. On the outside, Dan’s van is simply a white cargo style unit. Open the back doors and peek inside.

stealth van

When you are looking in from the rear of the van you can see the sleeping area is on top. It’s not a huge sleeping area, but it it sufficient and comfortable for him. On the bottom is a storage cave. There is a CB radio located on the car wall along with more storage compartments to the right. (You can never have too much storage space in an RV.) This is especially true when the RV is also your home!

From a distance you can see his laptop and a swivel desk. Dan uses his office space to edit and upload his videos for YouTube. He also has a special flipswitch where he can turn on a closed circuit television system (CCTV). His backup camera and other video feeds are displayed on his monitor. The backup is critically important when he is attempting to park his conversion van for the night. If it’s dark outside, a backup camera is like having a second person. Dan is able to easily maneuver his way into tight situations.

You may be surprised to learn that Dan does not use solar but he has an inverter for standard 115 V power. This means Dan is able to use all his electronics because he has ways to charge them. This is critical if you want to remain under the radar, but use your appliances in day to day life.

Stealth Van Kitchen

Dan installed a fantastic fan roof rent, and it provides air circulation throughout the van. It is a two-way fan that blows are both in and out. The hot air that is in the van can be blown out and the cool air can be brought in. This keeps his camper at the right temperature because the air is regulated in such a perfect manner. In addition to this, Dan uses bug screens on the exterior of his van windows. This keeps the bugs out while still drawing in fresh air. (Best to keep the bed bugs at bay!)

When it came to building the kitchen, Dan put a lot of thought into its design. He created a cooking area that is completely open air. This utilizes the natural ventilation of the outside and keeps things fresh and dry in the rig. Dan also used every inch of space for his unique galley. He added a cutting board/counter/table on the side door.  He also used stainless steel throughout in order to make the rig easier to clean. If he wants, he can even set up an outdoor BBQ INSIDE his outdoor kitchen 🙂

Dan Travels has posted videos describing how he made his conversion van and the process he went through. He also uploads videos on a regular basis on his YouTube channel detailing his journey of living in a conversion van. If you have time, it is worth checking out. The videos are informative and entertaining.

So what do you think? Would you like to stealth camp in a van like this? Would you buy one or make one? What do you think about the “outside kitchen?” Leave your comments below. We want to know what you think! Feel free to share this too! You can tweet it, like it, pin it or simply email it to your friends!

Thanks for taking the time to read! We love knowing you are here!

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