How to Give your RV a Spring Refresh

All across the country, spring has definitely sprung. And along with warmer weather, blooming wildflowers — and, yes, seasonal allergies — the season of renewal brings the perfect opportunity to revamp and refresh our living spaces, both foundation-built and wheeled.

Spring cleaning is one thing, and chances are your RV could use some — here’s our guide on that! But today, we’re going to talk about something a touch more fun: spring themed home decor ideas to make your RV feel fresh and festive.

Small touches — something as simple as a new throw pillow or a low-light-friendly houseplant (or a convincing fake) — can transform your RV from drab to fab in no time.

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So in this post, get ready to celebrate all things spring… and to learn more about our best seasonal home decor tips and ideas.

New Spring Home Decor

When it comes to home decor for spring, it’s all about making things bright and beautiful without being overwhelming. Soft yet cheerful pastel colors and blossoming plants are where it’s at.

Certain shades, like “millennial pink” and “melodramatic purple,” are both trendy and absolutely perfect for springtime, which means your interior decor will feel modern and updated on a variety of levels. Even one glance at Pinterest will also tell you that rustic, vintage-chic designs are still all the rage, especially among DIY-friendly campers.

Spring Home Decor Trends

So, ready to bring your RV up to speed? Here are some easy ideas for bringing modern spring home decor to your camper.

Blossom and bloom.

There are few home decor ideas easier than adding some houseplants to your existing arrangement. And goodness knows come springtime, there’s a whole lot in bloom — so you don’t even have to purchase anything from the florist. You’re camping to explore the outdoors anyway, right? Just head outside and pluck… so long as you’re in a place where that’s allowed, of course!

If you’re more into the idea of a plant that’ll actually survive for a while, skip the cut flowers and try out a potted houseplant. Certain species are much happier in the low light conditions your RV’s likely to offer; here’s a post we wrote to help guide you in the right direction. (Hint: Colorful anthuriums fit the bill, and their lovely red blossoms will look perfect for springtime.)

And hey, if you’ve got a bit of a brown thumb, no worries. Artificial flowers these days look absolutely flawless — check ’em out!

Get cozy.

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Here’s a crazy-easy way to bring springtime to your RV: literally throw it in there! Purchasing decorative, floral spring pillows and cozy blankets in spring home decor colors adds both cheer and physical comfort to your space.

Spring Home Decor DIY

All that spring energy have you hankering for a crafts day? Here are some DIY spring decorating ideas that’ll bring your RV’s interior to the next level.

Paint it on.

Image via Pinterest

Sometimes, it’s truly shocking what a coat of fresh paint can do. Better yet, spring colors are soft pastels that’ll translate well to the next season — so why not try giving your RV’s kitchen cabinets a new look? After all, if you decide you don’t like it later, you can always paint over it again!

Recover your bases.

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And by “bases,” we mean furniture. Reupholstering your RV’s couch or dinette set is surprisingly simple, and if you find a fun spring fabric, it’s a great way to give your interior a fresh new feel.

Like spring? Then put a ring on it.

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Want to signal to the outside world the spring spirit you feel inside your RV? Spring door decorations are a great way to do so — and creating your very own spring wreaths from scratch is a fun family activity, especially on a rainy afternoon. After all, it takes some showers to get those beautiful flowers!

Check out this tutorial by Lindsay over at Lindsay Ann Loft, where she teaches you how to make a reusable spring wreath with only three materials. There are plenty of other ways to go about it, too; here’s a list of 35 inventive spring door decorations.

RV Interior Decorating

Spring is all about how beautiful everything looks outside… but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make the inside of your RV pretty enough to match!

Set the table.

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Be honest: when’s the last time your flatware got an upgrade? Seasonal plates and dishes are an easy way to mark the passing of time each year, and they’ll quickly become cherished family mementos. Here are some cheerful, springy shatterproof dishes, and some hand-painted floral wine glasses that are breakable… but too perfect for spring not to show you! You can also get creative with table runners, placemats, and reusable cloth napkins.

Get rustic.

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Looking for some creative spring table decorations?

Old wooden crates, reclaimed timber, and cast-off twigs by the side of the road — all of it can easily be repurposed into beautiful, rustic spring home decor. Just add a little bit of ribbon and panache… and, of course, some freshly-cut flowers. This is spring, after all!

No matter what time of year it is, RV upgrades and renovations are fun ways to make your home away from home feel fresh and new. Even small touches can have a serious impact on how much you enjoy your vacation!

That’s why we’ve written lots of posts with photos and ideas of ways to bring your rig up to speed. So if you’re still in the mood to ogle some inventive camper upgrades, check out the following blog posts here at RVshare:

Of course, no matter how nice you make your RV’s interior, don’t forget to go outside once in a while. This is spring, after all! Enjoy it!

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