Shabby Chic Meets Vintage Trailer! The Result? Perfection!

If you love vintage trailers then this idea will drive you wild.  On Home Sweet Motorhome, a German blog, I saw a fantastic example of shabby chic design in a retro caravan and it made me think. What can some white paint and soft fabrics transform into? The answer? Nearly anything!

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Anyone Can Decorate

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Let’s take a look at what this designer has done. Shabby Chic is a style of interior design that takes furniture and adds distress to make something look antique. In most cases, the Shabby Chic pallet is soft pastels coupled with various shades of white and cream. True antiques may be mixed in for added effect, with popular fabrics including chenille, lace, vintage linen, and anything soft and romantic!

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Anyone Can Decorate

While the style started in the U.K., is it usually linked with Rachel Ashwell, who made the style popular in the United States back in 1989.

A simple way to recreate the Shabby Chic look within a trailer is to use a variety of Rachel’s designs available at Target. Her Simply Shabby Chic collection offers soft fabrics and beddings along with signature decor!

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Cupboards can be transformed with a bit of patience and a bucket of paint. Here’s how to get the look:

This charming RV uses a white pallet with bits of whimsical, country style additions. Notice the flour sack rug and the milk pail garbage can. The dining room features an elegant chandelier which adds a touch of class. Accent pieces include lots of rose covered patterns which add to the feminine cocoon.

So what do you think? Would you like a vintage trailer done in Shabby Chic? Do you think you could do it yourself? Add your thoughts to the comment box below.

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