10 Pictures to Impress You: RV Trucks vs Semi Truck RVs

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You want to be unique. You want your one-of-a-kind ride to stand out. In this age of DIY projects, many would-be manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to transform what began as one type of vehicle into another. Some people attach a pick-up truck bed onto the back of a cut sedan, creating a quasi-El Camino. Others go big. They choose to turn RVs into trucks, or trucks into RVs.

1980’s RV

Whether monster RVs are your thing, or you prefer DIY trucks, these pictures are sure to get your motor running. You may be so impressed that you decide to try your hand at your own vehicle. Just make sure to do your friends the favor of sharing this, before you rush out to the garage.

Late ’80’s Sportscoach Class A RV Turned Truck

Considered possibly the strangest thing to hit the 2014 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show, this was originally a late 1980’s Sportscoach Class A RV.

Unique Truck
Apparently, the motorhome was cut directly behind the door. The cut followed the shape of a factory produced fiberglass rear cap and was then molded back together.
1980’s RV Turned Truck
The bed seems to be a regular pick-up truck bed that was added to the body. One can hope that the owner/designer intends to do a bit more work to match it to the “cab.” Or maybe they just love it for the unique creation it currently is.
Examples of Trucks Turned RVs
Other times, merging two types of vehicles creates something sublime. This “monster” RV shows that sometimes, bigger is better.
Semi Truck RV
 With the powerful pull of a diesel engine, these trucks can go just about anywhere. The air brakes improve safety, either while traveling through mountains, or just down the road.
Semi Truck RV
 This truck’s ability to pull or carry heavy loads means that the size of the home is limited only by the width of the road.
Unique Semi Truck RV

Also, the type of truck needed to do this isn’t restricted to semis. Here is an example of a converted fire truck, making it even more unusual than most.

Interior of Truck RVs

With a monster RV, you might envision that the interior leaves a bit to be desired. But with the additional space provided by trailers of this size, the sky is the limit.

Semi RV Interior

Maybe you prefer a traditional style like the photo above. Perhaps, instead, you like a sleek and contemporary look, such as the following one.

Semi Truck RV Interior

Adequate storage shouldn’t be an issue. There is plenty of room for everyone to have his or her own space.

Semi Truck RV Interior

Whether you want an open layout, or you like your space divided into multiple rooms for privacy, the trailers can be personalized to accommodate your preferences. Furthermore, companies like Showhauler are available to build them, from a large assortment of floor plans.

In Conclusion

When considering buying a semi and trailer, it is a good idea to look into what you need in order to remain in compliance with the law. For example, with a typical coach it is unnecessary, but with one of these, you may need to upgrade your driver’s license. Also, large vehicles are prohibited in some areas.

Additionally, if you are planning to convert an RV into a truck, look into the requirements for ensuring that it is road-worthy, both to avoid getting a ticket and to remain safe.

1997 Peterbilt 379 Optimus Prime Transformer Semi Truck

So, if you see a semi rolling down the road, you may be looking at the beginning of someone’s home. But if you see a conventional motorhome, it just may eventually become someone’s truck. Please share this with your friends and family members who like motorhomes, trucks, or learning about the DIY projects of others. They will probably thank you.