Have You Seen The Coolest Campsite In The World?

I dreamed of finding a cool place to spend my vacation. I grew tired of the usual camping trips so I searched for what the coolest campsite in the world. And I think I found it.

Imagine a remote artificial island, surrounded by sand, water and futuristic accommodations. A place that seems pulled out from a movie and built to suit your every need. The island is called Centrumeiland and it’s located in Amsterdam, in the new city district of Ijburg. The camping place itself is called the Urban Campsite and is set next to the Blijburg Beach Club.

Urban Campsite

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An astonishing first view of the place looks like a bunch of star wars space-ships crashed on this island and were turned into a comfortable resort. The coolest campsite offers 14 unique habitable artworks that differs in shape, size and style. Most of them were created by local artists and architectural design students, while three of them were donated by the Amsterdam Center for Architecture.

Each installation has a double bed and a view over the IJ lake, the Pampus Island and the village of Durgerdam. The owners will even provide a romantic light for every couple.

You can reach the coolest campsite in 25 minutes traveling by train from Amsterdam’s Central Station. There are a ton of restaurants along the harbor to choose from, and previous guests planted herbs and vegetables at the campsite’s garden for you to munch on.

Remember, this is an open-air exhibition and you can visit it any time you want without an overnight stay. But if you do want to stay (and you will when you see it) you can book your room on airbnb for $99/night, or contact the Urban Campsite directly via their website to save $14.

Let’s take a look at what you will encounter at the coolest campsite. 

The “Kwiezien” Common Area

This area is made entirely of sustainable and recycled materials. It offers shared facilities like an amazing fireplace, a hammock and a small kitchen. It is a cool place to hang out and socialize when you stay overnight.

The “Kite Cabin” Space

It may look small, but this kite tent has a two person bed that will make your stay extremely comfortable. The cabin also has a transparent rooftop for stargazing, and a cute kite used as bindings, which you can fly anytime.

The “Attic” Space

If you want to feel above everyone else, then you should choose the Attic cabin. You have your very own deck and a nice view of your surroundings.

The “Goahti”

This was previously known as a Sami hut. It was used by the Sami who traveled around Norway. Now you have the opportunity to experience their way of life by spending a few nights in this captivating hut.

The “Kantoorkaravaan” Work Space

If you have some work to do or you can’t spend a few days without wi-fi, you can book the Kantoor Karavaan installation. This is the workplace of the resort and the only one that has a solar panel, wi-fi, a desk and a chair to satisfy the workaholic within.

The “Bedbug” Space

Now this is what I call a new age “Hipster Spaceship”. I have to say I love the colors and I think anyone who would have a blast spending the night here.

The “Tribal Toilet Tower”

You can’t spend a night at the coolest campsite while worrying about where will you shower. The site offers a two story-high “Tribal Toilet Tower” facility, complete with showers, toilets, compost and septic tanks for communal use. But don’t forget to bring a towel and your own toiletries, you might need it.

The “Trampotent” Space

If you have a lot of energy, then why not book a night at the unusual trampoline-roofed tent called the “Trampotent”. You will wake up every morning joyful and ready to jump around for a greater view of the surroundings.

The “lbc Shrinkwrap House” Space

I think this might be the most perfect space within the resort. You have your very own deck, a shaded place to spend your time during a hot day, a semi-circular siting area to have coffee and socialize, and a nice rooftop for stargazing. And the inside is spacious enough to offer you a good night’s sleep.

The “Superfire Camp” Space

Now this is the place where all the people will gather at night. You will tell stories around the campfire, you will laugh and socialize with all the people at the coolest campsite. You also have an outdoor hot tub dug into the sand… just for the fun of it.

The “Upside Down You Turn Me” space

A very cool camping space that is worth visiting. You won’t have to worry about shade or a place to relax, and an above view of the lake is something worth waking up for.

The “Solid Family” Space

When you have a larger group, you can spend the night in the Solid Family cabin. Four people can spend a comfortable night in here and you will all have the time of your lives.

The “Vall Ross” Space

Okay, this is one is quite odd and I can’t imagine myself spending the night in here. But if you want to try it, by all means. I just don’t like the feeling of blood flowing back into my head at night. It looks cool though.

The Domed “Universe 7” Installation

The piece of artwork all campers aim for. Universe 7 is great place to spend your vacation. The deck offers a 360 degree view of your surroundings and you can even turn the house with the sun. Pretty neat right?

So the next time you are looking for an ultra-cool place to camp, be sure to checkout the coolest campsite in the world.

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