Sealander – The New Age Camper Boat Hybrid

In the 21st century finding a convertible camper which converts into a house boat is not easy. Only a few handfuls of models were made of the vintage Aqua-Trail Terra Marina Campers, which doubled as house boats.

This self-contained, camping boat trailer had pontoons concealed behind access panels for buoyancy and was the perfect choice for camping and boating getaways for the whole family.

Terra Marina
Terra Marina

Do It Yourself RV

Since only 35 Terra Marina boat campers were manufactured, there are only a few left and finding one these days is nearly impossible. Luckily a German company has come up with a modern version of the boat/camper called the Sealander.



The Sealander is a unique boat hybrid that functions as a mobile camper on land,  and luxurious yacht in the water. It was designed and created by Daniel Straub who worked with ship builders and automobile designers before launching it to the public.

This light-weight camper can be easily towed by small vehicles and provides good maneuverability. It has long pin outboard motor to provide power in the water. It is launches easier than most traditional boats. Simply attach the motor to the camper, make few conversions here & there, and into the water it goes.

The design of Sealander is aesthetically appealing and incredibly functional. For an afternoon of sunbathing just open the back hatch, or after dinner fold down the dining table and use it as a bed. Currently, the Sealander is available in only Europe, but the company is devising plans to roll it out in the U.S. someday.

Source: Do It Yourself RV

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