RVshare Veterans’ Rental Success Leads to Local News Coverage

Recently, RVshare veterans Bob and Fern Weisberg were featured in the News-Herald. As long-time RV owners who have built a profitable business of renting out their RV, the success of which led to the purchase of a second RV, has covered RV expenses, and has allowed for home improvements, Bob and Fern share their tips for succeeding in this industry.

Bob and Fern have rented out their RVs often enough to build and use a good understanding of what renters are seeking. A dinette was one of the main things they wanted their next RV to have to facilitate a much more comfortable and convenient eating experience. A sofa that opens up into a bed for people to sleep was also at the top of their list. The more sleeping area you have, the better. They were also hoping to find an RV that had a bunk above the driver. The bunks can be used for overhead storage or as an extra place to sleep.

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In addition to the dinette and plenty of space for sleep and storage, renters really appreciate a full-size fridge and a nice bathroom and shower. According to Fern, the reason people choose to travel by RV is the comforts of home it provides while you’re on the road.

“If someone is thinking about renting a motorhome, the only way they’re going to know if they like to do it or not is to try it. However, know that anything you do as a business is going to be work; anything you do for money is work. When the RV comes back, you have to fill it up with gas, fill it up with propane, clean it out and get it ready for the next person. But to me, that’s a whole lot better than it sitting in your backyard paying insurance on it.” — Bob Weisberg

Bob and Fern have found that renting out their RVs brings in pretty good money. While they still have to invest in the regular wear and tear of owning an RV, they would rather earn an income from it while they aren’t using it, as opposed to it sitting in driveway depreciating in value. Learn more about how RVshare has helped Bob and Fern financially, and how they’ve created a successful retirement business.

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