RVLock Keyless Handles – Get Peace of Mind With a Secure RV!

RV owners are continually looking for ways to make their experience better and their RVs more functional.

The convenience and security of the RVLock handle it the perfect upgrade for one of the most used parts of the RV. Founder of RVLock, Cade Harris, started in the construction business.

After having his tool trailer broke into and his collection of tools stolen, he realized just how easily the locks on the trailer could be forced open and secondly, he realized these were the same types of locks that he relied on to secure his RV. With that came the idea that there had to be a better way to secure his investments and most importantly, his family when they were using the RV. As he began to develop a more secure handle he saw the unprecedented opportunity for a keyless entry option that made RVLock the first of its kind in both security and convenience. With the evolution to our latest V4.0 handle, RVLock offers a handle that is truly the top of the industry.

For most, the RV experience is about enjoying freedom and adventure. Our remote handles let RVers come and go with the freedom of not worrying about where the keys are while providing top notch security and peace of mind at the same time. We think any RVer will enjoy the convenience and security of our keyless handles but we think those with more than one user and especially families, will truly enjoy the ease of the keyless system. As users come and go from the RV there is no need to track down who’s pocket the keys are in, just enter the code on the keypad and they’re in! Plus there’s no more worries of accidentally locking the keys inside or worse yet, arriving at your site and realizing the keys are on the counter at home (we all know it happens). The handle provides the freedom to swim, fish, hike, swim, kayak, or do whatever you do without packing bulky keys or running the risk of losing keys while you’re out. From the weekend adventurer to the full time RVer the daily convenience and security is unsurpassed.

Many trailers out there are keyed the same meaning a large portion of fellow RVers are using the same key. If you are set up in campground there’s a good chance that you and some of your site members share the same access to each other’s RVs. While most RVers out there are honest and share a sense of camaraderie, there’s no reason to leave your investment and yourself compromised at that level. RVLock provides a solution in an easy to install, easy to program, and easy to use keyless entry handle. With just a Phillips screwdriver, 4 AA batteries, and about 10 minutes RVers can install their own handle. It’s as simple as removing the standard issue lock and installing the RVLock keyless handle in the same cut out handle space and bolt pattern. Each handle comes with easy to follow instructions or installers may access one of our installation demo videos on the website or YouTube to see the install process. Even the most mechanically challenged should find the install a breeze. If users do find themselves with questions we have an exceptional technical support staff willing to help.

Once installed, users can immediately enjoy the handles security and convenience. Our newer version handles come with an integrated keypad, meaning the keypad is built right into the handle. During installation, users are able to program the handle with a customized entry code. In addition, each handle comes with a remote fob that uses a rolling code system. This means each time the fob is used the signal between the fob and the handle changes making it nearly impossible to hack. As a backup each lock comes with a set of standard keys as well. Each set of standard keys are unique to RVLock and the lock they are paired with. The only way to truly secure the door to your RV and prevent the lock from being forced open is to engage the deadbolt. The RVLock handle engages the dead bolt every time it is locked ensuring the door is truly secure. So while you’re out swimming, fishing, kayaking, making a grocery run, or more importantly, sleeping inside, you can be assured the door is locked as securely as possible.

Currently, RVLock handles fit the standard 3.5 inch by 4.25 inch handles on fifth wheels, travel trailers, campers, and even horse trailers. We are also very excited about our pending release of the Class C handle and cargo bay locks that will debut late summer of 2015 and look forward to expanding our line. The expansion of our product line with the Class C also means our handles will now accommodate nearly every horse trailer make and model as well. Horse owners and trailer users will be able to enjoy the convenience and security as they come and go from their living quarters and tack rooms.

We often hear the question, “but how will I get in my RV if the battery goes dead?” Of course we thought the same thing and realize being locked out doesn’t sound like fun for anyone! Our keyless handles emit a signal when the batteries are nearing the end of their life giving you plenty of time to change the batteries before you find yourself locked out. For those that might still find this a concern there is the peace of mind of having the standard key as a backup. Batteries should last around five to six months and our users generally report only having to change the batteries once during a camping season.

Lastly, RVLock is produced with extreme attention to detail. This is also evident in the design and look of the handle. RVLock has a sleek design that makes it look just as good as it operates. Everything about the handle makes it an upgrade that RV users will be happy to have.

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