RV Turned Treehouse. You Have To See It To Believe It

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As a kid you dreamed of a treehouse.  As an adult you dream of an RV.  Why not combine the two for the best of both worlds?  That’s what one French artist decided to do. Bufalino Benedetto wanted to create his ultimate caravan.  The kind that would rise into the sky.  Wow!  So if you have a vintage trailer and you put it on a scissor lift could you do the same thing?  Maybe.  But watch that first step cause it’s a long way down!

Bufalino didn’t finish the interior of his rig.  He simply wanted to suggest the idea of a caravan in the sky.  How would you finish it?  Do you love this idea or find it terrifying?  Leave your thoughts in the comment box below and then share this post with your friends.  They have to see it to believe it.  An RV Turned Treehouse.  WOW.