How to RV with your Pet

If you RV with your pet for long periods of time, you’ll most likely need to visit a vet on occasion. Anything from an annual check-up, vaccinations, or an emergency while on your adventure, all warrant reasons why you’d find yourself visiting an animal doctor. What can you do to make sure your pet gets the care it needs while traveling with you?

Get a check up Before you Leave

Well, First things first. You’ll want to be sure that you get your pet checked out by your vet prior to leaving in the first place. A responsible owner wants their pet to receive the green light to travel from a doctor, just like a human would. In general, it’s important to get your pet an annual exam and keep up with their vaccinations to stay ahead of the game. Because these things are many months apart, you can even set up a home base where you always go to do it, such as your regular vet.

If there is anything you should be worried about, it’s much easier to put your trip on hold for a bit (if possible), to take care of the issue, than to have to worry about it when you’re on the road and may have limited resources available to you.

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RV with your Pet

Things to Keep with you

To make things as easy as possible, keep important documents organized in a designated place. Include your pet’s complete medical records and your regular vet’s contact information. Stashing the information in an easy-to-find folder with your pet’s name on it can be the best thing to do (especially if you have multiple pets).

Other items to keep organized include all their medications, if applicable, a muzzle he’s used to wearing, and even a toy to help them feel comfortable.

Getting Urgent Care

If there’s an emergency and you need to take your pet to get immediate attention, it’s obviously very stressful. And we all know stress can make it very difficult to think straight. So, before you hit the trails, or get too far into the wilderness, make a plan. Locate the closest 24-hour vet before an emergency occurs.

RV with your pet

Figure Out your Options

Of course, when on the road, you’re likely to meet many new and interesting. Find out from the locals you meet which general vets (or specialists if needed) are the best in the area. You can even ask fellow RVers in the area who are just like you. Get some tips and tricks from people who may have been traveling with pets for years. You may even make a new friend.

While using RVshare, the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, use the sharing economy to your advantage. Many owners have spent years traveling with their pets. When working out a deal and getting to know them, try to get some good tips from some seasoned pros!

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