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Experienced and new RVers alike know the importance of an RV vent lid. Those vents and the entire ventilation system help to keep your rig free of odors, stale air and most importantly, cool. No one likes coming back to a stuffy, hot RV after an enjoyable day outdoors!

And one of the parts of the RV vent system that is often overlooked but is pretty important is the RV vent lid. It’s not the most glamorous part of your RV, but it’s important, as it opens and closes above your RV vent to allow fresh air to come in, or stop air from coming into your rig. 

Of course, when RV vent lids protect your motorhome against weather elements and ultraviolet rays, they can tend to need to be replaced or repaired over time, because they take the brunt of rain, snow or ultraviolet rays themselves. Luckily, RV vent lid replacement isn’t a difficult task, and we have the step by step RV vent lid replacement instructions to make the task a breeze.

Purchasing a New RV Roof Vent

The first step is to purchase an RV vent lid replacement. Keep in mind that if you have more than one vent lids on your motorhome, you should check them all, since they will likely need replaced around the same time. Once you determine how many RV vent lids you need to purchase, it’s important to know what type and features you need.

Most RV vent lids are made to fit a 14” x 14” opening, but you should measure your existing lid to ensure you’re purchasing the correct size. If you’re shopping in a brick and mortar store, you can also bring in your old RV vent lid to ensure you’re purchasing a comparable model.

RV vent lids are typically a straightforward piece of RV equipment, but there are some features that you should be aware of when shopping. For installation, some vent lids requiring drilling holes directly into the roof’s surface, while others use mounting systems, which can be less damaging to the roof. Many RVers prefer lids that operate with hinges so that you can easily open or close the vent. These types of lids typically come in translucent white or gray, so you can prevent some light from entering your rig.

If you’re looking to insure your RV vent lid lasts, you may want to purchase a separate vent cover. This can protect the lid from damage and help it last longer, while also preventing weather or debris from entering the lid’s opening. Maxxair RV vent lids are one that many RVers love, because they let you leave the vent open on rainy days without worrying about rain entering the rig. They typically cost about $30, and can be a great investment to help your RV vent lid last longer. 

Installation Process

Once you’ve selected your RV vent lid, you can get started on installing it! It’s best to do this on a dry day without any threats of rain or inclement weather. While specific RV vent lid replacement instructions will vary depending on the style or model you’ve purchased, in general, you will start by getting on the roof of your motorhome and removing the pins in the hinge of the vent lid. If the vent lid has a screw on each side of the hinge, you’ll have to remove those as well.

Once the hinges and screws are removed, you can simply lift the old lid off and replace it with the new one! Some RVers recommend using self-leveling sealer during RV vent lid replacement, which can help seal the new lid to the roof with greater strength. This also helps prevent any rainwater from leaking through the roof. If you want to use it, just apply a liberal amount during installation, before you place the new roof vent on your RV.  

Many RV vent lids will include their own replacement instructions, so be sure to give those a read before starting your installation project. It should be a quick and easy one, so you can get back on the road that much sooner! 

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