RV Travel Tips During Busy Season

Where are you headed?

Maybe you want to do the classic loop of the National Parks this summer, wandering through the mystical recesses of Carlsbad Caverns or scaling the heights of Yosemite’s most famous heights.

Maybe you want to get the family more familiar with their culture by bringing them to the Liberty Bell or exploring Boston’s many historical sites.

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Heck, maybe you just want to drive into the woods and get away from it all, sitting back and taking it easy for a few weeks, enjoying the warmth and laziness of the summer.

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There’s certainly no shortage of fun and interesting destinations to travel to in your RV this summer. No matter where in the country you start, there’s bound to be something beautiful and amazing within just a couple of hours’ drive.

But there’s a reason summer road trips are so iconic and popular. And it’s not just because the warm weather makes it easier to drive to far-off places and explore new landscapes.

Summertime is when everybody goes camping because, well, that’s when you can go camping. The kids are out of school, and in most industries — other than hospitality, of course — nothing too intense is going on at work. And although you know you could avoid crowds and possibly even pay less if you went camping in the less-popular shoulder season, this is the time you have to make your trip work.


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RV camping during the busy season does have its own unique set of struggles, we’re not going to lie. But it’s not impossible… and every day of your trip doesn’t have to be a crowded nightmare!

Here are our best RV travel tips for camping during the popular summer season.

RV Travel Planning Guide

Whether you’re a beginner heading out for the first time or seniors who’ve been traveling by RV for years, one thing about camping is certain: it works better when you put in a little bit of planning effort ahead of time.

And that goes double when you’re camping in the summertime or another very popular season.

Obviously, flexibility is one of the best parts of taking a road trip in an RV. It’s nice to be able to change directions on the fly without having to worry about finding a hotel room or figuring out where and when you’re going to eat.

But when you’re traveling in an RV during the summertime, if you want to guarantee you’ll have a place to stay — that isn’t a Walmart parking lot — you’re pretty much roped into calling ahead to specific campgrounds and booking a site. In fact, in some ultra-popular destinations, like the National Parks, campgrounds can fill up months ahead of time!

It can be a little disappointing to know you have to create and stick to an itinerary ahead of time. It’s really liberating to just take to the open road, devil-may-care. And if you’re adventurous — and not afraid of spending a few nights boondocking — you can still take off on your summer trip that way. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself facing a few nights without cable or WiFi, or if you need to refill your generator once or twice over the course of your long and meandering trip.

RV Trip Planning Tips

So, if planning is key, what’s the best way to do it?

Routing your unique trip is one of the best parts of camping, in many travelers’ opinions. You get to set your sights on a group of destinations, decide which activities you want to do in each one, and also devise a route that’ll take you to all of them while also, hopefully, providing a scenic and pleasant journey.

But if you’re not much of a trip planner and shudder at the thought of getting out an old-fashioned map, ruler, and pen, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources out there to help you create a functional itinerary with a minimum amount of effort.

One of the easiest ways to plan an RV trip route is to use Google Maps, which has become an even better tool as the years have gone by. Now, you can even search for new stops along an existing route, or use Google’s other travel tools to explore things to do in each of your destinations. When it comes to finding campgrounds and campsites, check out our guide on what to look for here.

Since you’re traveling in a popular season, you should expect to have an ample number of neighbors no matter where you camp. RVing is a popular summer pastime — and the secret’s been spilled even on some of the best remote boondocking sites! So always do your best to respect your neighbors’ space, keep quiet during night hours, and generally pay attention to campground etiquette. If everyone works together, we can share natural spaces and maintain harmony.

If getting away from it all is important to you, take the opportunity to look for less-popular destinations. If you get a good atlas or almanac, it’s not hard to find amazing destinations that you’ve never heard of before!

RV Advice

You may just be heading out for a weekend or you might be taking on the whole summer — but either way, we do have some RV camping tips and ideas that will improve the quality of your trip.

This blog is a great resource when you’re looking for an RV travel & camping guide. We’ve covered everything from choosing a destination to maintaining your healthy daily routine on the road, and so much more!

By learning how to get the most out of your RV, you’ll enjoy every part of your trip more… even if you have a few more neighbors than you would in an ideal scenario.

Tips for RV Travel

We hope this post has helped you learn what to expect when camping during busy seasons, as well as a few tactics for mitigating the most unpleasant parts of dealing with campground crowds. In the end, camping is all about community and coming together anyway. So invite your neighbor to share a s’more at your firepit and make a new friend (or five). The more, the merrier!

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