Is Your RV Toilet Leaking? Read This First

Published on September 11th, 2019

Is your RV toilet leaking? If so, your first reaction may be to replace the entire unit. However, this isn’t always the easiest, best, or cheapest answer. In fact, in most cases, fixing a leak is as simple as replacing a seal. 

Finding the Problem

The first step is to determine the location of your leak. To do this, check each of the following until you find the issue:

  • Is water leaking from the back of the toilet without flushing?
  • Does the leak happen near the top of the toilet and only when flushing?
  • Does it happen only when the toilet bowl is full?
  • Is the water leaking from around the bottom of the toilet? 
  • Is the toilet bowl holding water?

Knowing the location of your leak will help you fix your problem as quickly as possible.

Leaking from Behind without Flushing

This first scenario is almost certainly caused by a damaged inlet fitting at the back of the toilet. Fortunately, there are repair kits for this problem, meaning you can easily replace the fitting and be on your way.

In order to help ensure this doesn’t happen again, be sure to fully winterize your rig, as freezing is often the cause of cracked fittings. 

Leaking when Flushing

If your leak fits the second description and happens only when flushing, you probably have a loose or broken float seal, or another broken part within the flushing mechanism. In this case, you will likely need to purchase a kit that’s specific to your toilet in order to replace the broken seal or broken mechanism. This is a fairly simple DIY project and the kit should come with instructions. 

Leaking when Bowl is Full

In cases where the labeling happens only when the toilet bowl is full, you probably have a crack in the toilet bowl itself. Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes on plastic toilets, and even occasionally on porcelain toilets. There is no effective way to permanently repair this issue. Therefore, a full toilet replacement will be necessary in cases where the bowl is cracked. 

Leaking from Bottom of Toilet

If the toilet is leaking only where the bottom of the toilet meets the floor, you will probably need to replace the flange seal that goes between the toilet and the floor. This is a super easy (but stinky) job that anyone can do in an afternoon. 

RV Toilet Bowl Not Holding Water

This final type of leak doesn’t leave water on your floor, but it certainly can lead to some stinky smells in your rig. If your toilet bowl isn’t holding water, it can’t keep smells from coming back up into the RV bathroom. For this reason, fixing the issue is a must.

Fortunately, as long as the loss of water isn’t caused by a crack in the toilet bowl—which would leave a puddle on the floor—this problem can be fixed by replacing the ball seal. This is another easy DIY project, but it is also pretty gross, so be prepared. 

Go ahead and go start working on that leaky toilet. Before you know it, your RV bathroom will be up and running once again.

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