Tips to Finding the Best RV Toilet Chemicals


The very best part about traveling in an RV between beautiful camping locations? Having an RV toilet, of course! But if you don’t keep your RV toilet maintained and in good working condition, it can lead to a whole host of other problems you don’t want to deal with. Luckily, the key is easier to use than you may think: RV toilet chemicals.

First, it’s important to understand what an RV toilet chemical is. It’s a bacteria or enzyme composition that RV owners add to their black water tank. These types of chemicals aid in breaking down waste and tissue, which allows the tank to be emptied more easily, which in turn prevents clumps and blockage. 

Another added bonus of RV chemicals is that they help eliminate odors within the black water tank, which also reduces odors within the entire RV. If that isn’t reason enough to get good RV toilet chemicals, think about where your waste goes in your motorhome. An RV toilet uses water to flush waste down, but instead of going down a long pipe like in your home, it is typically only a few feet away from your bathroom. 

An RV toilet also uses a relatively small amount of water compared to a home, which uses a large amount of water. The distance from the bathroom and amount of water, plus the contents of the tank being jostled while traveling mean that odors can easily make their way back up into the RV.

To use an RV chemical toilet, it’s very important that you add a few gallons of water to the tank so there is a base. If you add the chemicals to the tank without any water it can result in clumping of waste in the tank, which can create false meter readings or a worse problem of clogs.

Once there is enough water inside the black tank, adding the RV toilet chemicals is as easy as flushing your toilet! Just press the flushing valve or handle and dump the chemicals down the toilet.

The RV toilet chemicals are typically available in two forms: in a dissolving packet (usually tablets), or as liquid. In general, Liquid RV toilet chemicals are usually added to the black water tank by flushing, and only a couple ounces are needed for each application, but be sure to consult the packaging for specific instructions, as different types may have different instructions 

RV toilet tablets often come in a dissolving packet which holds a powder that then dissolves into the black water tank. These type of RV toilet chemicals have the same result as the liquid chemicals, but many RVers find the packets to be more convenient because they are pre-filled and just need to be dropped in the toilet and flushed.

Neither is better than the other, and the best RV toilet chemicals are those that work best for your lifestyle! You’ll just want to make sure that you choose RV toilet tablets or liquid chemicals that don’t stain your toilet, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. There are plenty of brands available, but some of the best RV toilet chemicals brands include Camco TST RV Toilet Treatment, Travel Jon, Porta-Pak and Aqua-Kem RV toilet chemicals.

The black water tank chemicals are very important, but two other RV toilet chemicals that are helpful to have on hand in your motorhome include RV toilet bowl cleaner and RV level gauge cleaners.

RV toilets are different than the toilets you find at home. In general, they are typically made of plastic and include a rubber ring that seals the toilet bowl when the valve is closed. These materials aren’t found in home toilets, so it’s important to use an RV toilet cleaner that is specially formulated for these toilets. This way, you won’t be damaging your RV toilet when cleaning it, and it won’t be stained.

The last of our best RV toilet chemicals are RV level gauge cleaners, also known as RV probe cleaners. These type of RV toilet tablets break down materials like waste, tissue and even hairs that get caught on the sensors and cause false readings on your tank sensors. Keeping these sensors clean can help ensure you have an accurate reading on how full or empty your waste tank is.

Now that you know and understand RV toilet chemicals, and have an idea of how to determine what the best RV toilet chemicals for your lifestyle are, you are prepared and ready to hit the road with a clean bathroom! 

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