Choosing The Best RV Stove Cover

Published on September 13th, 2019

Traveling by RV and living in your camper is all about making the best use of what space you have. For some folks that means their couch converts to a daybed while for others, it might mean that certain items get left behind before a trip.

One way to maximize space in the kitchen is to invest in an RV stove top cover. These covers essentially convert your appliance to extra counter space when not in use, and they might just be one of the least expensive and most practical ways to do so. We’ll tell you how to find one that works for you.

RV Stove Covers

RV stove covers come in a few different materials. Many are made of wood and can double as a sort of cutting board when in use. Others are made of plastic and others might be made of metal or aluminum. Choosing the material for your RV stove top cover is all up to you, your stylistic preferences and your practical needs.

Look for an RV stove cover that will fit your specific stove. Some products, made by Camco for example, are considered universal fits. They’re made to fit most standard sizes for RV appliances. But if you want to ensure a true fit, or a custom product, look for an RV stove top cover made by your particular brand and model of RV.

Stove top covers either sit on top of the stove burners or hover above. If it’s going to sit flush with the stove, many offer no-slip grips on the backs, so they aren’t sliding while the camper is in motion.

RV Stove Protection

While many RV stove covers double as additional counter space, some covers are simply meant to protect the stove itself. These covers keep the stoves clean when you’re cooking and when they’re not in use. They’re typically non-flammable and can be kept on the stove to avoid splatter from certain foods while the burners are being used. When you’re finished cooking, leave them on as an added barrier. They clean easily and last for years.

Some folks like to double up by purchasing both a protective stove top cover and a counter space cover to ensure a clean stove that’s functional even when no one’s cooking with it.

RV Stove Cover Safety

Perhaps it goes without saying, but it’s important to practice safety any time you’re using the appliances in your RV. That includes using your RV stove top cover. Make sure all burners are off, and your stove has long since cooled before replacing the RV stove top cover. This will prevent disaster and prolong the life of your product.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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