How To Pick The Best RV Propane Refrigerator


How To Pick The Best RV Propane Refrigerator

Choosing a propane RV fridge is an important decision. After all, the fridge in your motorhome is a key factor separating your RV experience from that of a standard road trip or flight. It’s an appliance that makes all the difference at parties, during dinner time and while tailgating. We’ll go over some things to look for in your next propane RV fridge.

RV Propane Refrigerators Fuel

When choosing a fridge, consider whether you want propane at all. Dealing with propane as a fuel source can be dangerous. And you’ll always have to make sure your propane tanks are safely stored, covered and always full. On the plus side, propane is an affordable fuel source, and using it to power your fridge means you won’t have to rely on fuel sources for other appliances. If you have a shower or water heater also fuel with propane, it often makes sense to use the same source of fuel for your fridge. Of course, it’s also important to consider RV refrigerators that can be powered by both electricity and propane. Oftentimes these appliances can easily switch between fuel sources, maintaining their internal temperatures at all times, no matter which fuel source is available.

Well-Reviewed Propane RV Fridges:

Best way to pick an RV Propane Refrigerator? Read the reviews!!!

Both this SMETA and RECPRO fridges have 4 stars reviews on Amazon and are popular fan favorites.

Taking the time to go through and read reviews on products, specially big purchases like a fridge, is the smart thing to do!

Propane RV Fridge Sizes

You’ll want to make sure your fridge has enough space for both frozen and cool foods and that you have enough shelves and drawers. Consider, too, an ice maker and any unique feature such as a water tap in the front of the fridge. Keep in mind, however, that the bigger the fridge the more fuel you’ll need to keep it cool.

When purchasing your propane fridge, consider the color of the appliance as well. Stainless steel will be more expensive than a white or black fridge, but choose a color that matches your aesthetics and your budget.

Used RV Propane Refrigerators

Of course one of the easiest ways to save money on a fridge is to buy used. Many RV dealerships will sell used appliances they have purchased themselves and upgraded, so they come with certain guarantees. While you could always buy a used appliance from a fellow RV enthusiast, you won’t likely get to cash in on any warranties or guarantees that way. Make sure you know what you’re getting into, as a badly used fridge can end up costing more than a new one without problems.

Once you’ve purchased your propane RV fridge, make sure to familiarize yourself with its working parts so you can troubleshoot once you hit the road. Safe travels!

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