Setting your RV Up for Success in the New Year!

New Year, new you, right?

At least that’s what we always tell ourselves. But even if your New Year’s resolutions don’t have the best track record, there’s good reason to prioritize RV organization. (Plus, it’s way easier than losing ten pounds… we promise!)

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After all, even if you’re not the tidiest person in the world, traveling in an RV means living in small spaces for long periods of time — and that means simple day-to-day clutter can easily turn into a claustrophobic nightmare.

But not to worry! Taking your rig from crowded to comfortable can be as simple as a few well-placed closet organizers or drawer separators… and a healthy dose of elbow grease. There are plenty of other great DIY RV organization hacks and secrets to discover, too. We’re going to walk you through it all in this post!

So grab your hand vacuum and some trash bags, and possibly get ready for a quick trip to IKEA. It’s time to get organized!

Organization for RV Owners

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty and dish on creative organization ideas for your RV or travel trailer, let’s get some of the big stuff squared away.

First of all, if you don’t already have one, you definitely need to implement a regular maintenance schedule. Even the best-organized RV in the world is worthless if it’s falling apart due to neglect!

Preventative maintenance helps you get the most mileage out of your RV investment — which, at tens of thousands of dollars, is a sizable one for most of us. Keep your equipment lasting long and strong by taking good care of it!

Here’s our post on how to get started performing regular maintenance on your rig, from simple oil changes to regular engine and generator checkups. You’ll also want to ensure you’re regularly screening your rig for any potential leaks — water damage is one of the leading causes of RV deterioration and can drive some hefty repair costs!

Other systems that require regular checks include your appliances, wheels, and tires. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual for the full details on what scheduled maintenance and repairs you can expect to take on during your RV’s lifetime. Getting a head start with preventative maintenance can keep your repair costs low and extend your RV’s lifetime significantly… so it’s a worthy challenge for your 2018 resolution list.

RV Organization Guide

Along with creating a preventative maintenance schedule, it’s also important to thoroughly clean your RV, which will keep it free of pests and working well for many years to come. Don’t worry — it doesn’t take much more than the regular household cleaning supplies you already have, and just a little bit of effort!

Here’s how to clean your RV’s interior after a trip or before storage, and our guide to getting stubborn stains off your RV awning. We also have this great post listing the cleaning products to have on hand for your RV cleaning extravaganza — although you’ll probably be surprised by how little is required! Along with household favorites like Lysol and Clorox, some simple additions like Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax and a scrub brush with an extendable handle can go a long way toward making your clean-up efforts easy and efficient.

RV Organization Solutions

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the cleaning and maintenance out of the way, let’s talk about creative storage and organization ideas for small RVs and campers.

When you’re camping, even in a 40-foot diesel pusher, every square inch counts. That means everything on board has to have its place — and must actually be kept there. Shoes have a way of migrating from the closet to the front door, and it’s easy to leave dishes in the sink… but soon your private getaway mobile will turn into a nightmare.

So the number one way to keep things organized… is not to bring that much stuff in the first place!

However, you’ve got to bring some luggage along for the ride, from your wardrobe to your toiletries. That’s why certain RV organization accessories can be so helpful.

Image via Amazon

For example, a closet organizer can help you fit more stuff into the teeny tiny closet that’s supposed to serve your whole family’s needs — and it’ll also help keep your underwear separate from everyone else’s. This hanging closet organizer also has convenient pockets on the side, which are perfect for shoes and other extras.

Another prime place for organization help? Your RV’s kitchen cabinets, which can quickly become a spice-filled disaster.

Image via Amazon

Some simple cabinet and counter shelves can help you find ways to stack your pots, pans, dishes, and other necessities, though you should make sure to use a non-skid padding material to ensure things don’t move and break during transit. (You can cut and fit large rug pads like this one to smaller sizes for your needs.) This pot-and-pan-specific organization tree is particularly clever, and useful even inside your regular home! (There never seems to be a good way to organize pan lids, in our experience.)

There are plenty of other clever and crafty DIY RV storage solutions which have been invented by campers just like you — and as a bonus, actually creating them could be a fun rainy day activity for you and the kids to do together this winter! Click here to read more details about some of our favorite RV storage solutions.

Organization Tips for RV Living

As important as RV organization is for any camper, it’s even more critical if you’re living in your RV full time. After all, you’ve got a lot more stuff to deal with since you’re not leaving half of it at home!

Our best advice for full-timers? Simplify by getting rid of as much of your extraneous stuff as possible. It’s a chore, but once it’s done, you’ll feel so much better (and literally lighter!) — and besides, cleaning out your closet is actually a great way to give back this winter. Those too-big pants and last-season dresses make excellent donations.

So, RVers: What are your best organization tips? What plans do you have to get your rig neat and tidy for the New Year? Let us know!

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