The Ultimate RV Holding Tanks Guide – Read This First!

Published on September 16th, 2019

When you use your RV’s shower, sink, or toilet, it’s understandable that the water and waste must go somewhere. This is where your RV holding tanks come in handy, as they are designed to hold different types of water, with each serving a different (but very important) function!

Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about your RV’s holding tanks, including what they are, when they should be emptied, and where you can buy your own. Let’s get started!

The 3 Types of RV Holding Tanks

Your RV comes with not one, but three RV holding tanks. The first one is your fresh water tank, which (just as the name suggests) holds fresh water that’s used every time you turn on the tap within your RV.

The second holding tank is the grey water tank, which is home to the dirty water that accumulates after seeping down your sink and shower drains.

The third and final holding tank is perhaps the least popular, although it serves one of the most important functions of all. Called the black water tank, this RV holding tank captures your waste every time you use your toilet.

While most RVs will come with all three holding tanks already built-in, some older models of campers don’t have a grey water tank, although this is quite easy to purchase and install.

How Often Should You Empty Your RV Holding Tanks?

While there is no strict rule for how often you empty your RV holding tanks, it really comes down to how often you use each tank, including how many people you’re traveling with. A family of four, for example, are sure to fill-up their holding tanks faster than just one or two people, particularly if they utilize their RV’s own toilet (as opposed to using off-site, campground facilities).

Our best rule of thumb is to wait until your RV holding tanks are ⅔ full before you empty them, as this will allow a better flow without running the risk of having the tanks reach full capacity. Most RV holding tanks come with an in-built gauge, while others will need to have one installed. Don’t rely on these gauges alone though, as they can sometimes provide an incorrect reading if waste is sticking to their sensor.

Want to read our detailed guide on how to empty your RV holding tanks? Check it out here.

Portable RV Holding Tanks

Did you know you can also buy portable RV holding tanks? These are ideal for campsites where the dump station is either very far away, or inaccessible via RV. They even come with wheels and a handle (like this one) to make transportation of your waste much easier.

RV Holding Tanks for Sale

If you’re after RV holding tanks for sale, then you’re in luck. Websites such as Amazon have great deals, whereas companies selling RV parts are also available. A quick Google search will bring up RV parts retailers within your local area.

While your RV holding tanks might seem like an unglamorous aspect of RVing, they do serve an important function in making your RV trip as carefree as possible. With proper care and maintenance, your RV holding tanks will assist you for years to come!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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