17 Creative RV Decoration Ideas

Last updated on March 26th, 2019 at 04:53 pm. Originally published on July 17th, 2015

It’s beautiful! It’s ugly! Whether it is perfect just the way it is, or a definite “fixer-upper,” at some point most RVs and travel trailers receive a makeover. Perhaps it needs just a bit of paint and matching accessories, or maybe it requires a complete over haul with new flooring and re-faced appliances and cabinets.

Even the most glamorous luxury coach can benefit from a few personal touches to make it seem less “cookie cutter” and more homey. Before undergoing your next renovation project, take a look at the following decors, and share with like-minded friends.

1. Rosebud

Sticking to a color theme such as the red, white, and green associated with this rosebud motif, allows the designer to creatively mix a variety of patterns and textures without fear of color clash.

2. Land Yacht



This 21-foot 1972 Airstream Globetrotter Land Yacht uses nautically inspired design elements to allow the craft to reflect its name. The porthole provides additional light while the life preservers add an air of authenticity.

3. Silver Screen Camper

This silver space was bestowed upon the 1960 Aristocrat LoLiner by its owner, photographer Michelle Sullivan. The massive renovation was topped off with pops of orange and red accessories and window treatments.

4. No Place Like Home



Renata Dewees, owner of the 1967 Yellowstone trailer, restored the beautiful wood veneer before adding a funky polka dot upholstery that matches the retro turquoise appliances.

5. The Crafty Camper

This 1972 Shasta camper acts as a mobile craft market and DIY workshop. Plenty of attractive shelving add convenient storage, while the rustic decorations add comfort and style.

6. Green Peace

By carrying the theme from the wall decorations, to the pillows, and the table accessories, the interior seems at one with the outside vegetation. A soft green, dark brown, and crisp white tie it all together.

7. Dorothy

Few spaces match as completely as this Airstream, located in Capetown, South Africa. It was designed by artist Sarah Pratt and features tranquil colors and plenty of oversized pillows.

8. Mid-century Modern

Meseida Rivera updated the space by painting the cabinets a modern color and adding accessories that offset the soft gray and gold used for the walls and window treatments.

9. The Happy Camper


Hand stenciling and the use of traditional furnishings make this a cozy space feel more like a family room than the interior of an RV.

10. Auspicious Office Space

The 1959 Airstream was updated with a light color, cork flooring, track lighting, and custom-built cabinetry. The paint was stripped from the end to reveal the aluminum and riveting that Airstreams are famous for.

11. Cowgirl Caravan

The unique decor is made complete with the orange chandelier hanging over the recycled diner-style table. The dark upholstery, RV decorations, and accessories offset by the turquoise walls give the space the feel of a lodge for women.

12. A Homeschooler’s Delight

The Prouty family’s 23-foot, 1950 Spartan trailer sports lots of recycled, refurbished, and repurposed items to fill their needs for fewer dollars. What they didn’t find, they made.

13. Pretty in Pink

This 55-year old trailer was given a complete over haul by owner, Tiffany Kirchner Dixon. She repainted it inside and out, added new lighting, door knobs and handles, rugs, pillows, and accessories–lots of accessories.

14. Traditional Living Room

This 25-foot Airstream International was given a homier space by replacing the stock sofa with a traditional 8-foot sofa the width of a single bed. This is the perfect additional sleeping area.

15. Dazey

This retro dinette belongs to the 15-foot, 1974 Rancho El Rae trailer, Dazey. Along with the fresh paint, some funky upholstery, pillows, and accessories make the space new. The vintage chandelier, however, is what really makes this makeover unique.

16. Urban Airstream

This 1975 Airstream was given the personal treatment with hand stenciling. Beaded wallpaper trim and dark flooring make the pristine wainscoting and white furnishings and RV decorations really pop.

17. Earthship

Dipa Vasudeva Das handcrafted every inch of the interior of his renovated van. As part of his “Divine Factory” the van, Earthship, is central to Dipa’s traveling display of visual and auditory art.

In Conclusion

As you can see, with a bit of creativity and hard work, you can personalize your home on wheels and make living in or traveling in it a truly unique experience. Even changing the throw pillows and accessories can completely update the look of your RV. Please share with friends and family who enjoy beautiful décor, as well as those who love a good makeover.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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