How To Pick The Best RV Bumper Bike Rack For Your RV


Bicycles and RVs are a classic combo, not unlike a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You use your motorhome to get to your destination, then swap it out for a pair of bicycles that make it easier to get around your campsite or around town, and cost nothing to run. Of course, figuring out how to bring your bikes with you can be a bit of a challenge. One of the easiest ways is with an RV bike rack. We’ll explore one of the most common solutions: RV bumper bike racks.

Bike Rack for RV Bumper

How your store your bicycles depends a lot on what kind of an RV you have. If you’re traveling in a fifth-wheel, chances are you have the space to throw a couple bikes in the trailer and remove them once you’ve reached your destination. But if you’re traveling with something smaller like a teardrop camper or even a Class C, where the living space and driving space are one in the same, you’re likely facing constraints when it comes to storage room.

Enter camper bumper bike racks. These bike racks mount directly to the bumper of your RV and store your bikes in a way that saves space inside your RV without taking up too much room on the outside. RV Bike rack bumper mounts are safe, affordable and perhaps most importantly aerodynamic, meaning you won’t add a ton of length or weight to your RV.

Bumper bike racks for RVs mount bikes horizontally. Most provide a shelf or rack for the bike’s wheels so the bike can stand up. These racks mount right to the bumper and usually accommodate space for spare tire caps and any hitch mounts. Ladder racks, on the other hand, hang bikes vertically and can sometimes save more room that way.

Bike racks for pop-up campers or Class A vehicles might differ slightly in the way they attach to your motorhome, so be sure the bike rack you choose will suit your motorhome.

Swagman RV Bumper Bike Rack

If you’re looking for a trusted brand, look no further than Swagman. A Swagman 4-bike RV bumper rack will safely transport up to four bicycles with ease. These racks are manufactured by a trusted name brand in the RV industry and are known for their quality and durability. Don’t believe us? Read the reviews. We promise this is a brand you can purchase without worry and trust for the long term.

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