RV Bike Rack – What’s The Best Bike Rack For Your RV?


Bicycle Racks for RVs

Space is a precious commodity in your RV, which usually means that you have to get creative when transporting important items or choosing what to leave behind. Because bicycling is so common among RV enthusiasts, the issue of transporting bikes has been solved. Dozens of motorhome bike racks exist to ensure your bikes fit in whatever style and size RV you own. From the Thule RV bike rack to the Swagman RV bike rack, we’ll cover the various types of racks and how to choose which is right for your next adventure.

Types of Bike Racks for Motorhomes

There are three types of bike racks for RVs. Hitch mounts are connected to the hitch of a vehicle or RV and support anywhere from two to four bikes. These are a great solution for folks who want to be able to use the hitch mounts on their other vehicles, as the hitch is universal and widely installed on standard SUVs and trucks as well as motorhomes.

Ladder mounts are hung flush against the rear or side of an RV so that bikes hang in rows. These are usually low profile and great for saving space. These types of motorhome bike carriers are best for one or two, lightweight bikes. Bikes are hung and supported from their wheels, and not everyone is a fan of this style for that reason.

Bumper mounted racks are similar to hitch mounts but are supported through the bumper of the RV and support a row of bikes. A popular model in this category is the Swagman bike rack for RVs.

RV spare tire bike racks are mounted up and around a spare tire, which is mounted on the rear of your vehicle. These are also commonly used in SUVs and offer a convenient way to carry multiple essential items outside of your vehicle, without taking up space inside.

Motorhome Bike Carrier Parts

After you’ve chosen your bike carrier, there are several accessories on the market to improve your rack. Using additional straps will ensure your bikes stay on the rack even in bad road or weather conditions when the drive might get bumpy.

And because all three of the bike racks we’ve covered are installed on the outside of your motorhome, it’s important to consider security. Using bike locks to secure your bikes to the mount or to each other will help prevent theft when left unattended.

And finally, you’ll want to also protect your bikes from the elements by investing in a bike rack cover.

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