How to Remodel an Airstream The Ralph Lauren Way

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If your ultimate dream is to remodel an Airstream, we have four unique designs that are sure to inspire. To travel light was one of the main goals of Airstream founder, Wally Byam. He created the world renowned ‘silver bullet’ travel trailer series — an ultra-light towable RV that makes you feel right at home wherever you go.

But traveling light doesn’t mean you have to travel without style! With their iconic silver exterior Airstreams were made not only to preform well on the road, but to look good at the same time. Over the years many famous designers have tackled the Airstream design and given it their own twist.

One of those designers was none other than Ralph Lauren, who is a big fan of Airstreams. He re-designed four Airstreams in a distinct style that one would expect from the famous designer. These Airstreams were sold at auction for $100 to $150 grand each with all the proceeds going to the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation. Art for a cause indeed! Are you ready to see the four legendary and unique Airstreams transformed by Ralph Lauren?

1. The Nautical Airstream

Style-guru Ralph Lauren stretched out the idea of nautical-inspired Airstream. The all-American classic decor would be just at home in Boston Harbor as it would traveling down Route 66. With the combined touch and feel of navy blue, red, and white say goodbye to your plain old trailer. This is now an American-exclusive design.

2. The Western Airstream

So camping outdoors is not your thing? Let’s see if you’ll change your mind once you step into a Westernized Airstream! Its cozy and rural design makes it perfect for dozing after a day of hustling on the road. Just so y’all know, redesigning the Western Airstream is a tribute to the cowboys as per Ralph Lauren.

You may be thinking right now, how in the world can you afford to remodel an Airstream like this? Well, you don’t need to be a famous designer to make this look a reality. It’s not that hard, at least not if you know where to find cheap goods. Make it a hobby to browse flea markets, antique stores, and tag sales. Look for deals on western themed items and keep collecting until you have enough to create a whole new look.

3. The Army Surplus Airstream

Remember the Make do and Mend campaign? I’d say, we never forget those times. This is also the same thinking Lauren has when he chose to remodel an airstream to be a tribute to the post-WWII. A modernized trailer patched up with the green army theme. Planning on revamping your Airstream in your own surplus way? Don’t forget to hang the American flag. Come on and show some country lovin’, won’t you?

4. The Adirondack Airstream

Who says we can’t make a real and legit home out of an Airstream? The last installation of Ralph Lauren’s Airstream remodel is the Adirondack. With the inspiration of the mountains and the countryside, nothing can ever go wrong. Hunters at heart would definitely enjoy this awesome and home-y design. If I was given a chance to sleep in this trailer, I might never want to leave!

So those are the four legendary ways you can remodel an Airstream in a Ralph Lauren way. Which of the designs do you like the best? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!