9 Reasons to Rent an RV

“Should I rent an RV?”¬†

Many long-time campers started their adventures by asking themselves that very same question. When you’re planning a road trip, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a cross country drive over the summer, RVing can quickly begin to look like a much more attractive option than traditional car travel. You’ve got way more room to stretch your legs and store your stuff, and you never have to rely on hotel rooms or public bathrooms.

But all that’s just the beginning of the answer to your question — which, spoiler alert, we believe to be a resounding, “Yes!”

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Here are 9 reasons you need to rent an RV for your upcoming vacation.

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Why Rent an RV?

RV travel is comfortable, flexible, and convenient. And for most road trippers, a rental is the way to go.

Here’s why.


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1. You know exactly where you’ll sleep tonight… and when the sheets were last laundered.


Imagine not having to scramble to find the most affordable, still-inhabitable hotel room every night of your vacation. Trust me: This, alone, is worth traveling by RV.

Plus, even in the nicest hotel room, the janitorial staff can make errors. When you rent an RV, you’ll either provide your own sheets — or be able to run the ones included in the rig through the washer if you desire.

2. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to drive such a large vehicle.

Terrified of getting behind the wheel of a Class A diesel pusher when you normally drive a sedan?

You’d be surprised at how doable operating an RV really is. That’s why there are no special licensing requirements to rent or drive one!

In fact, RVing has exploded in popularity in recent years, which makes it even easier to find one in your area to rent. All you have to do is search for “where to rent an RV near me” to find tons of options — and the helpful people at the dealership can show you how everything works and allay all your fears.

Rent an RV for a Weekend

Even short trips are better in an RV.

3. It’s way better than dealing with a TSA line at the airport.

The miracle of human flight is great and all… but the process of getting on the airplane could use some improvements. When you rent an RV, no one’s going to ask you to step into a body scanner or take off your shoes.

4. It makes traveling with kids a whole lot less awful.

Don’t get us wrong, we love children. But traveling with a family can be difficult, especially when you’re stuffed into a tiny car or a thin-walled hotel room.

In an RV, everyone will have a little bit more space to walk — not run! — around. Plus, it’s totally private… which is a godsend when you’re trying to convince the kids to use their inside voices.

Rent an RV for a Road Trip

The longer and more involved your journey, the better it is to upgrade to an RV rental.

5. If you’re planning adventures that require gear, you’ve got ample space to store it.

Kayaking, snowboarding, or even just setting up a hammock? Sometimes, your favorite vacation activities require a little bit of baggage. And it can be rough to fit all that stuff into your trunk… let alone a carry-on.

In an RV, you’ll have more than enough room to bring along everything you need for your journey, including the kitchen sink!

6. When you’re done with your trip, you don’t have to worry about expensive and time-consuming RV maintenance!

Obviously, you need to return your rental in good condition. But when it comes to long-term maintenance projects that RV owners have to stay on top of — like checking for water damage or changing fluids — you’re totally off the hook. Pretty nice deal!

7. When you camp, you have complete control over your itinerary, including last-minute changes.

If you fly, you’re obviously roped into the airline’s schedule. And if you drive a regular vehicle, you’ll likely need to make hotel reservations ahead of time.

In an RV, you’ve got a lot more room for flexibility and spontaneity. So if you decide you want to stay an extra day or go a different direction… well, why not do it?

8. You’ll meet a ton of great new people.

We hate to toot our own horn, but we’ve gotta say, RV campers tend to be pretty awesome people. That means your campground neighbors are bound to be some of the most helpful, adventurous, awesome folks you’ll ever meet. Get ready to make some new friends!

9. It’s a great way to try out the RV lifestyle and see if it’s right for you.

We’re fairly confident you’re going to fall head over heels in love with RVing. After all, we did!

But even the best things in life aren’t right for everyone. Renting an RV is the perfect way to try out this unique travel lifestyle without making a serious investment. (And when you inevitably¬†do decide RVing is awesome, it’s a great way to try out a few different kinds of rigs before you buy your own!)

Average Cost to Rent an RV

Now that we’ve convinced you to rent an RV, let’s talk about the best way to find a bargain.

There are tons of places to rent an RV these days, from nationwide franchises to small, privately-owned agencies. You can even find campers for rent by owner — like the ones here on RVshare!

When you’re looking for the best motorhome rental prices, keep in mind that your total will depend on what kind of rig you choose and how long you’ll keep it. For instance, if you want a luxury RV to drive cross country, you’ll probably want to look for a one way rental with unlimited miles so you don’t end up paying overage fees.

Some companies even offer specials to those who agree to keep their rental vehicle for longer, which means you get to experience more of the RV life for less of your hard-earned cash. Can’t argue with that deal!

So now that you’re totally convinced that renting an RV is the right answer, there’s another question up for grabs:

Where to?

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