7 Places to Visit Before the Kiddos Grow Up

Travel is one of the very best gifts you can give your children, not to mention yourself. Seeing the world and experiencing new places is an education in itself — perhaps even a better one than your kids are getting in the classroom.

But kids don’t stay kids forever. In fact, yours are growing up right as we speak! Better grab your road atlas, renew your Passport America membership and hit the road in a hurry, huh?

Don’t take off too fast. Even spontaneous trips go more smoothly if you have some sense of where you’re going. And when it comes to kiddos, not every destination is created equal.

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So, wondering where to bring your brood for maximum fun and fascination? Here are some of the best places to travel with kids of all ages.

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Fun Places to Go with Kids

RVing offers easy, convenient access to our nation’s wide range of natural parks and preserves — which are some of the best vacations for kids and adults alike.

So grab your National Parks Passport and guidebook, and don’t forget to sign the fam up for the Junior Ranger program. Here are a few can’t-miss spots for your great American road trip.

1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


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Tell us where we can send you the guide


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If you’re planning on doing the grand tour of the national parks, you can’t miss this one. After all, Yellowstone is where it all started.

Not only is Yellowstone the oldest national park, it’s also one of the most stunning, offering a wide range of different landscapes, geological formations, plants, and animals for your children to learn about and discover.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

It’s not the classic destination featured in every single road trip TV show and movie for nothing. Something in your brain shifts when you first lay eyes on the Grand Canyon — something that you simply can’t explain unless you’ve been there.

Give your kids the opportunity to experience that first-hand while they still have all the wonderment of childhood. And one more thing: Don’t forget to look up. The stars at night are just as impressive as the canyon!

3. Yosemite National Park, California

A visit to this east-central California park will teach your kids way more about ecology and the importance of preserving our natural resources than any textbook. From hiking to mountain climbing to simply driving through, the alpine forests and steep slopes of the Sierra Nevada are absolutely unforgettable… especially for the young.

4. Everglades National Park, Florida

Think all the national parks worth seeing are in the west? Think again. A trip to these southland swamps will leave your family with a new appreciation for the diversity of life… and for your rig’s air conditioning unit.

Best Family Vacation Destinations

Already done your share of national parks and wild adventures? There are plenty of fun places for kids that are a bit more urban.

5. Disney World, Florida or Disneyland, California

What childhood is complete without a trip to the most magical place on Earth?

Depending which side of the Mississippi you call home, you might want to head to the east or west coast to get to the mouse’s stomping grounds. But keep in mind that the Florida park is much larger and also features a beautiful RV-friendly campground, Fort Wilderness — so even if you’re a westerner, it might be worth the trek!

6. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Image via colonialwilliamsburg.com

Want to teach your kids about our nation’s history without putting them to sleep?

Colonial Williamsburg is a living museum in one of our nation’s most historically-significant areas, and it’s packed with fun things to do with kids of all ages. With carriage tours, live-action reenactments, and tons of arts and crafts vendors, the place puts a smile on the faces of adult travelers, too — and you might be surprised at how much you don’t remember about the birth of America.

7. Washington, D.C.

What better way to get your kids acquainted with our country’s history and governance than to take them right to the heart of where it still all happens today? Better yet, a huge number of Washington, D.C.’s most popular museums and cultural attractions are totally free to enter, including the entirety of the Smithsonian complex.

Kids Attractions: Visit Jellystone Parks

Our list of travel spots for kids could go on forever. In short, any spot with ample nature or educational value will do.

But even if your vacation plans are already set in stone, there are ways to make the trip more fun for younger campers. For instance, many cities and states offer kid-specific activities and attractions, such as children’s museums filled with all sorts of hands-on learning opportunities.

Better yet — make sure the campground itself is a kid-friendly destination. Not all campgrounds are the same when viewed through the eyes of a child!

Jellystone Parks are one of our favorite line of family-owned campgrounds because they know how to make an RV park into an exciting destination in itself. Each park offers tons of fun attractions, like water slides and trampolines, as well as pre-organized events and hands-on activities for the whole family to enjoy.

With over 80 locations across the U.S. and Canada, there’s bound to be a Jellystone near your favorite vacation spot. Click here to learn more about this line of fantastic campgrounds and find the perfect Jellystone location!

Kids Activities

It’s not just about where to go with your kids in tow… it’s also about what you’ll do when you get there.  Here are some fun activities to help keep your family occupied and happy, no matter where or when you travel. (Psst — rainy day got you down? Try out these arts and crafts projects to keep little hands busy.)

Don’t forget: anything can be an unforgettable adventure if you’ve got the right mindset, so don’t be afraid to spend a simple evening spent watching a movie on the couch or lounging around the campfire — or enjoying the amenities at your resort-style campground. After it’s all said and done, those childhood memories aren’t so much about where the road takes you; they’re about who was along with you for the journey.

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