What Creative People Do – How to Personalize Your RV

Which type are you? Are you the type of person who searches for the perfect home or car…the one that has every feature you want? Are you, instead, the type of person who looks forward to the challenge of taking something that isn’t in very good shape and turning it into something fantastic? Many creative folks prefer to find a home or vehicle that has a potential for renovation. Robert and Kayla Winter fall into the second category.


Rather than seeking a home or vehicle to renovate, they did both. After living the typical lifestyle, they downsized their belongings and changed their outlook. They purchased a 1988 Fleetwood Tioga Class C motorhome, similar to the one pictured here. With the plan of living in their rig full time, as they travel the country working as journalists, they decided to turn their investment into an amazing apartment on wheels that they named “The Defiant”. Peruse the following before-and-after pictures to receive inspiration to personalize your RV.

Front Room

The front room definitely needed work. It was a bit dark, which made it seem smaller than it actually was, it was outdated, and it lacked personality.


The yellow curtains closed the area off from the world and made the space feel confining. When they installed lilac blinds, however, it allowed them an unhindered view of the outside while providing privacy at night.


Robert applied fresh paint to the entire interior. This really helped to brighten up the whole space. He used a light, neutral tone so they could choose whatever colors they wanted for the upholstery and ensure they wouldn’t clash with the walls.


The couple knew that, when you personalize your RV, it is important to provide plenty of storage. They wanted these areas to be attractive and fun, as well as functional. Hooks and stacked cubbies gave them an entryway with the convenience of a coat closet in their limited space.


As the above picture shows, the pastel color scheme was carried throughout the motorhome. This helped make the area look larger than it actually was.

Dining Area Convertible

The original area left a lot to be desired. The same confining curtains as in the front were present here, as well. The upholstery in the dining nook was drab and ordinary, definitely not what the Winters had in mind.


The dark brown frame was repainted a bright blue to provide an accent to the rest of the bench. The new blinds opened up the space, giving it an airy feel.


With sofa covers created by Kayla’s mom, the dining area converted easily and attractively into a love seat providing extra seating to accommodate visitors.


To complete the conversion, decorative throw pillows add even more color, making the bench seem that much more inviting.


Originally, the kitchen was about as generic as it could be. The cabinets looked like cheap, unfinished pine ones. The blue colored accent on the wall seemed entirely out of place in such a neutral environment.


The cabinets were painted white, which opened up the space. Pops of color with the appliances set them off nicely while carrying the color scheme throughout the social living areas.


After the renovation, the blue wall was gone. The wallpaper featuring maps became an interesting focal point that added visual texture to the room without overwhelming the already colorful design.


Through necessity, a bathroom is always function over form. That didn’t mean that it should be ignored.


When the couple bought their 25-year old Class C, the bathroom was boring and–well–ugly. When they were done with it, it was totally transformed.


With a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets, as well as some colorful accessories, Robert and Kayla made the small room an inviting oasis. The funky storage areas were as fun as they were functional.


The original bedroom was a couple’s nightmare. Even for the 1980’s this layout seemed conservative and out of date. Along with that, it was entirely unattractive.


This room got a major overhaul. Along with fresh paint, they removed the single cots and installed a comfortable double-sized bed. Kayla’s grandmother sewed new purple curtains to custom-fit the bedroom motorhome’s windows.


Colorful totes provided plenty of bedroom storage space. They slid large, durable totes under the bed. Cute, smaller ones fit in the hutch over the bed.

In Conclusion

As you see, this couple completed a renovation that was incredible. Not only was the interior updated, it became so much brighter and more inviting. The original was probably quite contemporary when it was built, but not only was it worn out, the color pallet was entirely out of style.


As the Winters roam the country working and playing, they do it in style. As they know, when you personalize your RV, you infuse it with a bit of yourself. It becomes a home that is functional but also provides a space to relax at the end of the day. Most people have friends or family members who have been planning to renovate or update their homes, whether the home is on wheels or not. The pictures demonstrating what can be done with a bit of paint and creativity are bound to give some ideas. Please share this with them, as well as anyone else who may be looking for inspiration from this beautiful example.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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