One Couple Turns a Renovated RV into a Home

RV Owners

Let’s face it. If you ever seen the movie, National Lampoon’s Family Vacation  you may have dreamed of traveling the open road. If so, buying an RV and traveling the U.S. may make a lot of sense. That is until you start to shop for an RV

The first thing you will probably notice is the price, and the second thing is the outdated interior.

Unless you plan to spend half a million dollars, it’s hard to get anything near residential quality. So how can you create a true RV home?

Here’s what one couple did. Meet Lacy And Cliff.

This couple sold everything they owned and bought a used 1994 Safari Continental Class A. They were excited. That is until they discovered a HUGE MOLD PROBLEM in their rig. There was only one thing to do….GUT IT.  While a total remodel wasn’t in the original plan, these two did an amazing job turning a renovated RV into a true home.

Here are a few of the things Lacy & Cliff did to turn their old rig into a new RV home:

  • Peeled off the old wallpaper (that’s where they found the mold)
  • Put in new walls, new ceiling and very cool new cork floors
  • Refinished old cabinetry
  • Replaced the moldings
  • Painted and installed new hardware
  • Built in book shelves
  • Added divider curtain for privacy at night
  • Added home like furniture
  • Added an under-counter sink, a butcher block countertop and cool subway tile backsplash
  • Updated the kitchen by painting both the top and bottom cabinets with opposite colors
  • Removed the huge microwave and used the space for a toaster oven
  • Add a bigger bed (California King!)
  • Created a re-claimed wood headboard
  • Built a big platform for the new bed
  • Added LOTS of art
  • Used conduit pipe for bedroom curtain rods and shower curtains for separation of space
  • Updated the bathroom with a new sink and an Eco friendly toilet

All these remodels created an entirely new feel for their mobile RV home. Now they know wherever they roll, they will always feel right at home!

To see more photos of their renovation and to follow their adventure, be sure to visit Lacy’s Instagram account.

What would you do to make an RV a home? What are your favorite choices that Lacy and Cliff made? What would you have done differently? Add your comments below, then share this article with your friends.