5 Waterfront RV Parks to Cool Off By This Summer

Psst — hey. You. Yeah, you.

We know you’re busy poring over your travel guides and road maps getting ready for your upcoming summer vacation. But if you’re in search of an RV park on the beach, study time is over. We’ve got you!

Waterfront campgrounds are some of the most highly sought-after accommodations in the country, and no surprise. Waking up each morning to stroll from the comfort of your rig to the sunny shore sounds like an absolute dream, right?

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Well, grab your favorite swimsuit, and don’t forget your beach towel and sunglasses, because we’ve found a few perfect spots for you to do just that this summer. Read on to learn more!

Here are some stunning RV campgrounds situated right on the beach in every corner of the country.

Beach Camping

Before you go zipping off on your amazing oceanfront RV vacation, you want to ensure you’ve got everything you need to play it safe and have fun. And we’re not just talking about sunscreen — although that’s important, too!

Sand, surf, and salt can wreak havoc on RVs’ delicate systems, so if you’re traveling to one of these spots, make sure your RV insurance will cover any damage your vehicle might sustain during the journey. You also want to ensure that everyone on board — including the littlest campers — knows basic water safety skills and how to swim.

RV Campgrounds

If you’re new to this travel style, you should know that RV campgrounds come in a variety of different types, from well-developed, privately-owned resorts with lots of amenities to primitive spots offering nothing but a place to park. (You can learn more about the differences here.)

While this post will list a few campgrounds in each category, keep in mind that you can also sign up for a Passport America membership, which will instantly unlock a 50% discount on your campsite accommodation fees at some of the best campgrounds in the country. For less than $50 per year, that’s one heck of a deal!

Beachfront RV Parks

Alright, let’s get down to business — where can you park an RV on the beach?

Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite oceanfront RV parks.

1. Reach Knolls, Brooklin, Maine

Image via TripAdvisor

What with electrical hookups, a dump station, showers and even hot coffee available to campers, the organizers at Reach Knolls have thought of just about everything — not that they needed to add any incentive aside from this beautiful oceanfront location. You’ll be just steps from some of the most gorgeous beaches in Maine, all for a campsite fee of just $30 per night. Click here to read the campground’s full list of rules and policies and to get more information on making your reservation.

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2. Nueces County Coastal Parks, Nueces County, Texas

Image via nuecesbeachparks.com

“If you love camping on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or hours of fishing in the sunshine, then one of our parks is the place for you!” — Nueces County Coastal Parks

Deep in the heart of Texas along the Gulf of Mexico, a string of gorgeous barrier islands and national seashores await your arrival. Operating several park attractions and two large campgrounds, the Nueces County Coastal Parks service has made the area ready for family fun of all stripes. Check out Padre Balli Park, which offers 54 paved, full-hookup campsites open year round, or meander the 167 acres of beautiful shores and landscape at IB Magee Beach Park. To throw some city fun into the mix, don’t forget to take a day trip into Corpus Christi!

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3. Sebastian Inlet State Park, Melbourne, Florida

Image via visitspacecoast.com

Saltwater fishing, snorkeling, surfing, and some of the most interesting bird-watching opportunities in the country all await you at this hidden gem smack in the middle of Florida’s east coast. Each of Sebastian Inlet State Park‘s 51 campsites have full water and electrical hookups, fire rings with grill surfaces, and a picnic table so you can enjoy your freshly-caught dinner al fresco.

The campground also offers shower facilities and a dump station, and beach wheelchairs are available at no extra charge. Did we mention you’ll be within a five-minute walk of the sandy shore?

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Lakeside Campground

Not all beach RV camping has to be done on salty shores. Here are some waterfront RV parks along some of our country’s most beautiful lakes!

4. Jellystone Park at Monroe Lake, Bloomington, Indiana

Image via campjellystone.com

Think your beach vacation dream is impossible if you don’t make the long trek out of the midwest?

Think again! In fact, the so-called “flyover states” feature some serious hidden gems when it comes to lakeside RV parks. For instance, Indiana’s beloved Monroe Lake is home to a Jellystone Park Camp-Resort, one of our very favorite lines of family-friendly campgrounds. Along with all the fun offered by the lake itself, Jellystone campers also get the opportunity to explore their vast array of on-site amenities, like water slides, jumping pillows, train and wagon rides, and even exciting themed weekends organized by the savvy campground organizers. When it comes to family fun, Jellystone is number one — which is why you should always check and see if there’s a location nearby your upcoming camping destination!

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5. Saratoga Lake Campground, Saratoga, Wyoming

Image via anglerguide.com

The city of Saratoga, Wyoming has a pretty compelling motto: “Where the Trout Leap in the Main Street.”

It’s unsurprising, then, that the campground along the lake the town is named for is one of the most sought-after places to stay in the country, especially if you have an angler on board your camper. The ample fishing opportunities, as well as boating, swimming, and plain-old campground fun, have drawn visitors from over a dozen foreign countries, including France, Spain, Austria, and New Zealand.

In fact, if you’re really tough, you can come during the annual Ice Fishing Derby in January. Just make sure you winterize your RV first!

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