Old Mercedes Benz Bus Turned Mobile Ski Lodge

Manu Fombeurre, a French skier in Argentina, converted a 1966 Mercedes Benz Bus into a one of a kind mobile ski lodge.



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According to Manu, The Mercedes Benz bus, nicknamed La Chanchita, was a steal to purchase. With the help of his girlfriend’s father, an Argentinean carpenter, Manu stripped down the bus and rebuilt it.



The bus took 9 months to rebuild, and can be rented out for $50 a day. La Chanchita or ‘little pig’ has enough water, seating and electricity for 6 people.

Manu got the inspiration for the interior of the bus from a previous visit to Argentina. He ran into a fisherman with a similar old bus parked at the beach. The fisherman lived in the bus and had a wood stove installed in his “house”.

La Chanchita has started to receive interest, and the Mercedes Benz bus already has a few bookings this summer and winter.

La Chanchita will serve as your base camp with complimentary bus station or airport pick up. Whether you want some extreme sports or just a cool bus to chill out in, Manu and la Chanchita can take you there in style.

What do you think? Would you like to tour Argentina during the winter in the “little pig”?

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What do you think?