From Normal Truck to Elegant Home

Vehicles can be amazing showpieces for how people can live comfortably while taking up far less room than the average person. They force the designers to get creative, to use every inch of their design space and make it functional. And there are so many restrictions — weight, size, and shape limitations — that only the most ingenious designs make any sense.

The idea that someone has to be tied down to one place is being challenged more than ever, especially with the environmental impact of our lives on the forefront of many people’s minds.

A couple Japanese students built this “two-story camping car“which is packed to the brim with clever uses of the limited space and a great design to show how much you can do with so little.


Tree Hugger

The amount of problem solving that goes into building a machine like this is immense. Complex shapes have to fit together and be movable, the whole place has to be waterproof, and of course, there still has to be room to be comfortable inside.

While its not a completely eco-friendly vehicle (it has the typical RV tools like generators, waste tanks, and propane), it was built over 8 years ago when we weren’t as conscious of these issues as a society. Also, when building such a complex machine, it’s extremely difficult to also factor in and limit the carbon footprint that it creates.

When unfolded, a beautiful and surprisingly spacious room opens up on top. Very simple, yet elegant in its simplicity.

The kitchen is very functional, with everything that you’d need to make any of your favorite meals. I’ve lived in apartments with smaller and less equipped kitchens than this one.

The bathroom isn’t huge, but how much space do you really need to do your business? There’s also a fully functioning shower which is always a nice touch.

This gives a new meaning to “storage under the stairs”. This ingenious take on a classic storage space allows much more room in the rest of the home to put other things. Plenty of things can fit under these steps, and it’s all easily accessible.

One of the smartest and most unique features of this home is the lifting mechanism. It’s truly cross between art and science. You can find out more about it here.

It looks just like a normal truck when it’s all packed up. It’s only when you unfold it that the real magic is revealed. Perfect for the nomadic lifestyle.

Here’s the crazy thing in action! Watch as it transforms from normal truck to elegant home. If you want more information about it, there’s tons more on their website.

Source: Tree Hugger

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