Meet Netboy – Simple Mods Make This Rig Unique

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If you’re a camper who loves to add that DIY touch to your rig, you will love this article.  Introducing NetBoy’s Lance truck camper mounted on his Chevy Silverado.  Netboy recently posted a full update on the simple modifications he did to his new RV.  Let’s take a look.  First off, Netboy often found himself traipsing in and out of the camper for the same things.  Problem solved!  His first mod was to add a simple wire shelf above the door.  This shelf allows Netboy to store all of his often-used items, such as sunscreen, flashlight, and scissors.  He connected the rack to the wall with simple 1/4-inch plastic cable clamps.  It’s so easy, you can do it, too.


Next, Netboy noticed his shower lacked hooks.  He had no place to hang anything on the smooth shower wall.  With a stroke of brilliance, he installed “marine pad eyes” and bungee cords.  Now he can secure his favorite golf bag or other large items.  If he has wet stuff, he can keep it in the shower, since drips are no big deal.


Another challenge was Netboy’s camper steps.  He didn’t have any!  Getting in and out was almost impossible until he created his own.  Now the rear steps are always available, whether the camper is parked or on the road.  Netboy used a set of old scissor-step treads and made his own set of welded hitch steps.  A 1/2-inch bolt keeps the steps firm when you put weight on them.


Netboy loved the steps, and they inspired him to create an additional platform to hold his Honda generator when he was camping.  He keeps the generator locked up, just in case someone wants to remove it from his hitch.  A simple bicycle lock creates a secure connection, keeping the generator in place.  When not in use, the extra platform can be removed for travel.


Finally, Netboy needed a portable picnic table.  No worries!  He would make one using his ladder mount on the back of his Lance.  He cut a 1/2-inch sheet of plywood to shape and added a slot into one side, to fit on the rung of the ladder.  He uses his lawn chair carrier to sit under the plywood, supporting the weight of the table.


Which idea do you like best?  Need more good ideas?  Netboy has a bunch of clever updates.  Here are a few more:

-Relocate your satellite radio antenna without breaking a sweat.

-Replace your light bulbs with LED

-Install a water tank inspection port and an accumulator tank.

-Extend your camper roof gutters.

-Improve your dinette table, with some simple modifications

– Add a big screen TV with Blu-ray or DVD

There are those and a lot more.  You can check out Netboy’s DIY projects by CLICKING HERE.

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