National Plan for Vacation Day Giveaway

There seems to be a “day” for everything. Some are a little out there, like National Tartar Sauce Day (Feb 28), National Tweed Day (April 3), or National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day (Nov 15)… Some we can all rally behind like Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17) and National Smile Day (May 31). There are few more that we really get excited about, though, than those “days” that surround our love of travel – like National Plan for Vacation Day on January 28th!

This year, we’re partnering with our good friends at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort to offer one lucky person a chance to do just that – plan the vacation of their dreams with a 4 night RV rental from RVshare and a $300 Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort gift card to enjoy at any of their locations. Enter the giveaway here from January 28 – February 11, 2020.

If you’ve been to our blog before, you’ll know we love Jellystone. If you’re new, welcome – let us tell you all about them and how to plan your well-deserved vacation!

Choosing Dates & Where to Go

The beauty of traveling the open road is that you can go anywhere your heart desires. And the beauty of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort is, there are over 70 locations to satisfy any wanderlust callings. Want to head to the sunshine? Or would you rather soak up some snow fun this winter? Low-key or full of activities? Regardless of what you’re looking for, there are Jellystone locations for you! What’s also great about the Jellystone network is, there are plenty of campgrounds open Jan 1 – Dec 31, so no worries on finding a date.

Lodi, CA

There are truly endless amounts of activities at this Jellystone location! It might be the sole Jellystone Park in California, but this park leaves little to be desired. From playgrounds, laser tag, scavenger hunts, hay rides to the pools, beach, and water sports, the “every day” of this campground is packed with things to do. Plus, they have special themed weekends year round! And the best part is, you can enjoy full family fun every day of the year. 

Milton, PA

This camp is close to universities and museums for a range of interests, but there is plenty to do right within the park itself. Enjoy the peace and quiet of winter camping here in Pennsylvania. You can go on a snow hike, sled down hills throughout the park or build a snowman, then come back to your cozy, warm RV. Of course, there is plenty to do as the park thaws out in the spring and summer, making it a perfect place for year round fun.

Atlanta, GA

A short drive from the city center, the Bremen-Atlanta Jellystone Park is another that you can head to any time of year. Soak up the sunshine in the park’s two pools and mini-golf course, or relax in the cafe with a good book before coming together by the fire each evening. Look forward to family movie night every Saturday and tons of themed weekend events that you won’t want to miss. 

What to Pack

Now that you have chosen where and when you will be traveling, you can start the countdown! Part of that exciting anticipation includes deciding what you’ll pack along with you. Of course, what you’ll bring depends on what you’ll be doing. If you’re planning on hiking, you’ll want to bring boots and bug spray; if you’re planning on be-bopping around the camp, maybe you’ll want your swimsuit and sandals – you get the hint! 

But what is so great about renting an RV for your journey is many of our owners will include basic amenities like sheets, towels, and kitchen items, meaning less stress for you. And when you camp at Jellystone Parks, you’ll also have access to conveniences like laundry rooms and general stores for anything you need but don’t have with you.

Here you can find more packing tips for your RV trip:

What to Do

Planning what to do while on your trip is easy when it comes to staying at a Jellystone Park. Each park offers tons of fun for the entire family! Right on the grounds of each park, you can hike, swim, play games, participate in summer-camp-type activities, watch movies, and more! There’s little you’ll be missing out on when it comes to camping at Jellystone. Plus, each park is located near high-traffic tourist areas, meaning you can see sites knowing you have a peaceful RV to come back to.

Enjoy your trip!

Now that you’ve planned, packed, and prepared, the time is come to simply enjoy your awaited vacation! So unplug to get reconnected with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway before February 11, 2020 for a chance to win a 4 night RV rental from RVshare and a $300 Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort gift card!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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