Introducing the Overall Winner of the Motorhome Awards 2015

Motohomer’s Magazine recently announced the winner of their annual Motorhome Awards.

This year the overall winner of the Motorhome Awards 2015 is the Chausson 610 Flash.

The Chausson company designs attractive motorhomes that are desirable in the European market. The French manufacturer is renowned for its well manufactured, impeccably designed, motorhomes.


The Motorhome Awards were held on Monday December, 8th of 2014 in London at the Kensington Roof Gardens. The judges consider overall usability, functionality of the layout, quality of the build, and value.

One of the major factors that put the Chausson Flash 610 ahead of the pack is the innovative layout.

A drop down bed above the lounge provides a large comfortable space with tons of room for entertaining. The bed is operates with a simple push button and can descend two levels. The first level enables the lounge to convert into a second double bed. The Chausson Flash boasts enough comfortable seating room for 6 to 8 people.

The kitchen features large drawers, a fridge/freezer combo, and three burner stove. It also has a full width bathroom featuring a separate shower, which is a rarity in a motorhome of this size.

The Chausson Flash 610 measures in at 6.7 meters long (about 22 feet), and retails for 41,390 pounds (about $64,000 U.S.).

Take a look at the video below to see more of the Chausson Flash 610.

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