Mobile Hotel Rolls On and On

Picture this. You pack your bags travel the country.  You take photos, enjoy the sites, and never have to unpack or haul your luggage in and out of a hotel.  Sound good?  Well, of course it does! So good in fact, that one man created a Mobile Hotel just for this idea!

Mobile hotel

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The Exploranter Overland Hotel is powered by a Scania truck chassis. It is part truck camper, part trailer on steroids. In other words…it’s big. Really big.

Imagine a completely mobile motel traveling across the country carrying 28 people plus the drivers!

The guests sit comfortably and are not squished together like sardines. It sounds crazy right? Well, where there is a will there is a way, and the Exporanter Overland Hotel is a real lodging option. In fact, this may be one of my new favorite places. (Which is ironic because it is not just one place. It is a lot of places all tied together because it is on wheels.)

This monstrous-sized trailer was born from the hands of Brazilian businessman, Flavio Melo.  How big is it? Truth be told, it has 25-tons of space. The word monstrous is even a stretch! This young entrepreneur works in both the ski and hospitality industry in South America and one day he had an idea.

What if he could take people where they wanted to go, without having to locate suitable lodging?  The possibilities would be endless!

Flavio Melo thought up one of the most ingenious ideas anyone has ever come up with. Yet the problem remained. How could he make his dream a reality?

Let’s take a look what the Exporanter offers.

  • A dining area, lounge, and mobile motel facilities can be rented out by group of up to 28 travelers.
  • At night, the hotel travels to a new location allowing guests to go to sleep in one location and wake up in another.
  • While the sleeping area of the trailer contains 28 beds, you will have to get cozy with your new roommates.  Bunks bump up against each other as you jostle down the road together.
  • Guests will enjoy hot water and showers as they travel through South America.
  • The Exploranter features three bathrooms and plenty of hot water for each guest.
  • Guests also enjoy amazing, local entrees while sitting outside beneath the veranda.

Good food, great friends and ease of travel.  I’d say this hotel concept has it all.

Here is Flavio’s story about his dream hotel in his own words.

“I idealized, projected, built, legalized, and managed the first and only fully self-sufficient overland hotel in the world. This huge truck had everything you needed and was able to transport 30 guests into nature for an experience that would always remember. It became more than just a mobile home. It was a lab for human cohabitation. We watched as lives were joined together. We created marriages and business ventures. People’s lives were changed constantly while using our service.

It was truly amazing to watch as people joined together. These are people who would not normally have met. They met by pure coincidence in that they all chose to use our services.We traveled a lot through Brazil, Chile and Argentina. In fact, it travels all over South America picking up tired tourists who need somewhere to stay for the night or even the week. People bonded together as they traveled and shared stories of their different adventures. The company was featured in all different forms of media such as the New York Times and Swedish television. When it was searched on the Google search engine, several results appeared with more information.Websites across the world are talking about his hotel.”

When available, tickets were as low as $40 USD. Trips could last between a few days and even up to a few weeks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were included in the cost of the ticket.

Unfortunately, it appears that Flavio stopped operating the bus a few years back.

What a shame! After a period of time Flavio decided to change his line of work.  He missed his family and friends and was ready to retire from taking groups on the road. It’s really too bad that this amazing mobile hotel is no longer in existence.  And if you ask me, it’s time for someone else to take up the idea and run with it.

What do you think?  Would you travel in something like this?  Where would you like to go?  Add your thoughts to the comments below.

Also, tweet it, share it, pin it and let your friends see the photos in this article.  With a little action, you might inspire the next mobile hotel owner. You never know!  Thanks for reading this and sharing in the fun.

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