March Madness in your RV

February’s officially over, and for basketball fans, that can only mean one thing: It’s finally time for March Madness!

But if you’re planning a spring RV getaway, you might be a little bit concerned. How can you partake in the insanity from the road?

It’s totally possible to enjoy March Madness from the comfort of your rig — even if you’re a big enough fan to wear bracket-themed socks and tee-shirts. You can even host a killer March Madness party in your motorhome or travel trailer!

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Don’t believe us? Just keep reading. Here’s how to enjoy March Madness 2018 in your RV.

March Madness Party

For many basketball fans, the very best part of March Madness his hosting huge basketball-themed parties where everyone gets together to plan out their brackets, and perhaps even bet on their choices. (Hey, if you don’t put your money where your mouth is, what’s the fun in the first place?)

Although your RV’s living room — and TV screen — might be smaller than your home theater’s, you can still put on a great March Madness event in your motorhome. It’s all about using your space wisely!

We’ve written about how to host a big party in a small RV before, but for March Madness, here are the main tips you need to know.

  • Clear out the furniture. If your RV has loose pieces of furniture like dinette chairs or recliners, consider clearing it out to make room for more people — especially if your party members are young and not afraid to sit on the floor. Or, if you have a large RV with slideouts, maybe you can bring extra seating in to accommodate all your guests. Bean bag chairs work nicely!
  • Use your outdoor space. It’s called camping for a reason! Along with your comfy indoor seating, encourage your party guests to use the space outside underneath your camper’s awning. It’s helpful to have some comfortable folding camp chairs and maybe a big cooler full of brews to help motivate an outward migration. Many modern RVs also come equipped with an outdoor entertainment system, which is also an obvious boon.
  • Decorate for the occasion. No one cares how big the space is as long as it’s full of team spirit! From basketball-themed banners or garlands to thematic paper plates and napkins, bringing the ambiance of the big game makes even the tiniest trailer feel party ready.

Wondering how to watch March Madness without cable? Check out our post about everything you need to know to stream your favorite content in your RV — including March Madness.

March Madness Party Food

Let’s be honest. The most important part of any party — especially a sports-themed one — is the food.

And fortunately enough, you can whip up everyone’s favorite goodies even in a tiny camper’s kitchen. Even if your kitchenette boasts little more than a mini fridge and a microwave, there are tons of party-ready recipes that can be made in a flash.

For example, you can pair a bag of ready-made potato chips with an easy homemade dip using spice mix and sour cream, or even make simple, no-oven nachos: just melt cheese in the microwave and add your favorite toppings, like salsa and black olives.

Of course, if your RV does offer some kitchen space, you’ve got even more delicious options to consider. You might make indulgent potato skins or even chicken wings in your oven, and don’t forget about outdoor cooking! Whether you’re at a developed campground with a grill or you just tote your own small, portable version, an open flame is a great way to prepare hot dogs and burgers. You can even turn any campfire into a cooking zone with a campfire grill grate!

March Madness Event Ideas

Obviously, watching the televised March Madness events will be the main focus of your party. But you can incorporate other fun events into your shindig, too!

Everyone who’s coming will surely be ruminating on their bracket, since that’s what March Madness is all about. So up the ante — literally — by starting a cash betting pool on whose choices will be the most accurate.

Another fun way to participate in March Madness from afar? Shoot a few hoops yourselves! Many campgrounds are equipped with a basketball court, and you can also buy a portable basketball hoop quite cheaply. Even if you and your friends have never so much as touched a basketball, it can be a fun way to feel more connected to the game. Just make sure someone stays out to be the referee. No double dribbling!

March Madness Activities

No matter where you find yourself during March Madness this year, it’s always a good idea to save a few extra pennies where you can. After all, then you can afford to spend more on fun party favors and goodies.

That’s why we recommend all campers get a Passport America membership — it’s the only discount camping club that gets you a full half off your campsite accommodation fees, right off the top, at almost 1900 campgrounds across the country. It’s less than $50 per year and even cheaper if you sign up for a longer period, and considering the price of some premium hookup sites these days, your membership can easily pay for itself the very first time you use it! You’ll definitely be thanking yourself when you have extra cash on hand to celebrate everyone’s favorite part of basketball season. And who knows? If your bracket pans out, maybe you can add your winnings to your savings stockpile.

Selection Sunday will take place on March 11 this year, so that’s the day to be on the lookout to see which 68 NCAA Division I teams will be up for the championships — which is important news if you’re planning your March Madness bracket. Who do you think the big championship will go to this year?

For the full March Madness schedule and more information about the event, head to the NCAA’s official website.

Good luck, and enjoy your seasonal lapse into insanity!

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